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The Six Fix: Most Kilig Scenes in 'Goblin' We Can't Wait To Rewatch

The Six Fix: Most Kilig Scenes in 'Goblin' We Can't Wait To Rewatch


By Crisyl Ursabia
Chalk Campus Correspondent


You don’t need to blow a candle or a match for the Goblin to appear and grant your wish because on November 13, our beloved Korean drama will be returning on our television screens!

As we anticipate Kim Shin’s comeback on ABS-CBN, let us first look back on the most kilig moments from Goblin that we can't wait to rewatch!


1. Every time Kim Shin saves Erin

Kim Shin never gets tired of saving Erin, be it in a life or death situation or just petty things Erin gets herself into. Kim Shin is always there to save the day. Who will forget that scene when the Goblin and the Grim Reaper rescued Erin from the debt collectors who kidnapped her? Erin had two handsome, supernatural knights-in-shining-armor. Isn’t she the luckiest?


2. When Goblin told Erin he’s her boyfriend

OMG, OMG, OMG! We just can’t get enough of this scene! Erin asks what kind of guardian Kim Shim is when he can’t even give her a part-time job and a boyfriend. Kim Shin answered that her boyfriend is right in front of her. It was awkward… but super kilig!


3. The first time Kim Shin told Erin he loves her

Kim Shin and Erin are not verbal about their love, but they both know how important they are for each other. This scene proves that even though they do not say, “I love you,” directly, they have their own way of expressing their love for each other that only they can understand.


4. Every time Sunny and Grim Reaper meet

Just like their first meeting and every meeting after that, awkwardness is in the air between Sunny and Grim Reaper. However, we can still feel the kilig because Grim Reapers exerts so much effort to appear normal to her, while Sunny always waits for him to appear. And because we’re just so invested in their love story, we could feel the pain when they both realized who they were in the past.


5. The bromance between Goblin and Grim Reaper

We all love the blossoming bromance between these two! Sometimes, you just want them to be the real couple in the series. Each encounter is so cute, and their love-hate relationship is just so adorable!


6. The farewell kiss

That moment when Erin finally pulled the sword and Kim Shin said his last words is arguably the most heartbreaking one in the whole series! Knowing that he is in a face-to-face situation with death, he kissed Erin. It’s painfully romantic, and we're not exactly sure is we should spazz or just fall on the floor sobbing.


Are you ready to go on that rollercoaster of feels once again? Make sure to catch Goblin on ABS-CBN right after The Promise of Forever!



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