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In Focus 5: Details From The Archie Comics They Kept In 'Riverdale'

In Focus 5: Details From The Archie Comics They Kept In 'Riverdale'



From comic pages filled with light-hearted comedy to a teen murder mystery series, Archie and the gang have endured the changes that come with time and  still continue to be iconic in pop culture.

Despite the drastic changes made to shape the noir-ish series we've now come to know, we're still glad to find small details that stay true to the original Archie Comics. Find out what they are below!


1. Jughead's Crown

Perhaps the most iconic accessory, not only in the Archie universe but as well as in pop culture, Jughead's crown was carried over from print to screen. But instead of an obvious crown, Cole Sprouse (who plays Jughead Jones) sports a beanie with pointed cuts at the folded hem.


2. "Archiekins"

Any avid reader of the Archie comics would know that "Archiekins" is Veronica's own endearing nickname for our beloved carrot top, and no one else in the Archie universe uses it. That's why we're spazzing over the fact that the nickname made it to the series!


3. Vegas the Dog

Though Jughead's famous canine companion Hotdog hasn't made it to the series just yet, we're already content and happy to see Archie and his pet Vegas in action!


4. Betty's Ponytail

In contrast to Veronica's straight and sexy black hair, Betty's blonde ponytail is exactly what makes her the girl-next-door that she is. In the comics, Betty Cooper is rarely ever seen with her hair down and always wears her golden tresses in a ponytail (or pigtails occasionally!)


5. Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe

There's no Riverdale without this iconic diner where the gang almost always hangs out in. We can only wish that we can taste old man Pop's world-class burgers and shakes that the characters are so crazy about!


Riverdale has been the must-watch series for teens and young adults these days which is why we can't help but obsess over every aspect of this show! Keep an eye out for any more details and references we might have missed!



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