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Colton Haynes Loves Food and Still Maintains to be Fit

Colton Haynes Loves Food and Still Maintains to be Fit

For the kid from Kansas who started off by washing dishes early in this career, Colton Haynes never expected that he would make it big in his career as an actor.

With his role as Arsenal / Roy Harper in the TV series Arrow and The Flash (as both TV series do feature Haynes’ character), Haynes definitely prepares very well to channel in his character, especially in the physical aspect.

“Nutrition is the most important part of the whole workout process,” Haynes said to members of the media on September 19, where he shared at how he physically prepares for his character.

Though he confesses that he loves fast food and has rice quite often thanks to his Filipino friend, vlogger Travis Atreo (“he cooks rice like every day,” Haynes exclaimed), Haynes elaborated that he is an active person, engaging himself with playing tennis and going for hikes as part of his workout.

In fact, he credits tennis and hiking as his means of keeping himself sane amidst the grueling workouts he has with his personal trainer David Buer. In preparation for his role as Arsenal / Roy Harper, Haynes focuses on lifting weights to build up on muscle definition.


Workout Wednesday

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It may be challenging to balance both the love for food and having a fit body, but Haynes is a good example that you can balance both after all. 




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