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The Six Fix: Why Autumn Is The Best Time To Travel (And, No, It's Not Just For Your #OOTDGoals!)

The Six Fix: Why Autumn Is The Best Time To Travel (And, No, It's Not Just For Your #OOTDGoals!)

Living in a tropical country has its equal share of pros and cons: weather is accommodating, you can wear comfortable clothes everyday, and you can enjoy going to the beach any time of the year. But it can also get too hot, and too much of the same thing can get a little difficult at times, which is why countries with cooler climates, particular those with four seasons, are a big favorite when it comes to planning overseas trips.

Spring and Winter often come out as popular travel seasons for most tourists, as its contrasting difference in weather makes an easy black or white decision. However, what is often looked over is the sweet spot in between—Autumn. Found within the months of October to December, the season of “Fall,” as it’s also known, has come to be a favorite time to travel. Now, this may not be the most usual of choices, but allow me tell you why it just might be the best time to head out of the country!

1. The cool climate. Weather is just the right kind of cold to whip out a coat and a sweater, and to still enjoy the great outdoors. If your priority lies in getting away from the tropical heat and breathing in fresh cool air, this is the perfect time to do just that. Not to mention, for the frustrated fashionistas who can’t dress up because of the warm climate, this is the chance to go crazy with layering clothes and to go all out in getting your #OOTDGoals!

2. Beautiful colors. Everyone of us might have seen the #ErwAnne photos shot by Imago Pictura in Korea. You'd agree how warm colors have always had a certain charm to them, and that seeing nature blanketed in hues of red, yellow, and orange, is truly a sight that everyone must experience. But there is more benefit to Autumn’s beauty. Just by being exposed to the sight of the warm and changing colors of its foliage, your mood can drastically improve, and it can also stimulate your brain's cognitive functions.

3. Some great photos. Speaking of beautiful colors, what's not to love about capturing a snap that'll need #nofilter?


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4. Less people. Ah, the luxury of traveling in peace. This is a dream for every tourist and traveler. More often than not, one of the perennial pains of going on trips is having to endure long queues and going around with big crowds. This is precisely true for peak travel seasons such as Spring, Summer, and Winter, but lucky for us, there is a window. Not only do we get to enjoy good weather, but we also get the rare chance to escape the bustle of travel.


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5. A season of celebrations. Don’t get me wrong, don’t mistake Autumn as a stretch of time where nothing happens. Because it isn’t. In fact, one of the reasons why I admire this season, is because people are already festive at this time of the year. Given that everyone is already in anticipation of the Christmas holidays, there is also Halloween and Thanksgiving, just to name a few, that are being celebrated during this time. More parties and more food!

6. Getting a healthy relaxation. At the end of the day, we escape from our day-to-day in order to relax, and you know what? Autumn may be the best time do so. Plus, you also get healthy at the same time! There are studies that prove Autumn’s health benefits, such as getting supercharged sleep with the cool air, boosted energy in breathing in seasonal scents, and enhanced memory from the cooler climate.

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It’s a win-win in my book. Beautiful views and great weather, all without the scramble of high-tourist stretches. Perhaps it’s time you consider these in putting together your travel plans for next year!

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