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Hot Stuff: Useful Gifts Your Millennial Squad Will Surely Appreciate

Hot Stuff: Useful Gifts Your Millennial Squad Will Surely Appreciate


How would you feel if you visited your friend's house and found the clock you gave them last year wasn't running anymore and was simply collecting dust on a desk? It's not enough to get your friend something for Christmas. You want to get them something that they will actually use for a long time. 

Here's a list of gifts you may want to consider giving your different millennial friends for Christmas!


1. Deep-Cleaning Face Massager


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You probably know from your makeup guru friend that you should always clean your face at the end of the day. Why don't you help them keep their skin clean and healthy with this little device?


2. Boyfriend Pillow


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Give your sawi friend someone (or at least something) to hold on this Christmas season. Make their holidays a little warmer and you just might find their hugot tweets gradually lessening by the day!


3. Steel Straw


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Everyone has that one friend who chooses to not use plastic straws to help save the turtles. Show them that they don't have to ditch straws altogether with this stainless steel straw that comes with its own cleaning brush!


4. Lazypod


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Your friend who's in a serious relationship with their beds would appreciate a lazypod. Not only are you helping them relax to the fullest but you're also saving them from the risk of dropping their phones on their faces!


5. Easy-To-Use, Reusable Chopsticks


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Because Korean and Japanese food are all the rage in the country, these reusable chopsticks will make the perfect gift especially for someone who doesn't know how to work their way around them!


6. LED Light Phone Case


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Support your friends' aesthetic goals with a LED light phone case. You'll save them the trouble of looking for the perfect lighting and help up their selfie game! Who knows? They could even credit you when they post their bomb selfie on social media!


We hope this list helped you realize the kind of gifts your friends truly deserve. What do you plan on getting your squad for the holidays? Let us know by leaving a comment below! 



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