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In Focus: Real Struggles Every Blogger Actually Goes Through

In Focus: Real Struggles Every Blogger Actually Goes Through



Blogging is a career that most people would never understand. Some might think that it's all about uploading photos online which may not sound like a proper job at all. But the perks of being a blogger is not a secret: presenting an enjoyable lifestyle online and getting paid for it. But here's the real deal: blogging also has its major challenges that can't be invalidated!

At the recent Creative Conversations with Sheaffer, an event relaunching the brand known for luxury fountain pens, we got to hear the thoughts of bloggers Alyssa Gibbs, David Guison, Vina Guerrero, Lissa Kahayon, and Kerwin King about their chosen field. Here, they share with us their real struggles that range from overcoming their fear of judgement to finding the most effective ways to stand out.


1. Starting and keeping up with trends

Being "on-trend" is a must, especially if you're more of a fashion blogger. For Vina, she makes sure that her style is still authentic to who she is while keeping up with trends. If you're a fashion influencer, having the knack to start your own trend is also a plus to attract more followers!


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 2. Overcoming your fear

Alyssa, a lifestyle blogger and entrerpreneur, says that you have to be open to the public to keep the job going. Telling them stories and updating them about your day can be scary because people have the tendency to be judgmental. Aside from that, putting out content means facing the unknown, something you don't know what the outcome will be. But the key to overcoming this fear is to know that it's normal to make mistakes. It's all about accepting that you don't know everything, and you're learning along the way! 


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3. Making sure you stand out

Standing out can be a challenge because the blogging sphere has gotten more populated than ever! But according to our favorite bloggers, there's only one thing that you can do to catch the eye of your target audience and that is authenticity. Your readers will know if you're being real online or not, so it's best to just be who you are. Post the things that you love, instead of the things that will make your blog "trendy."


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4. Being continuously active online

To keep your blog going, you have to be continuously active. You have to make sure that you have new content to excite your readers. For art and photography blogger Kerwin, he gained his followers naturally by constantly posting his original works online. Doing this is a struggle if you have a lot going on in your life or you're not in the mood to post. Still, once you've started, you have to be able to commit to it! 


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5. Budgeting

When it comes to launching a social media business or simply starting a blog, Alyssa advises to sharpen your budgeting skills before you even start. Shedding cash is inevitable when it comes to buying equipment and putting out content. For example, buying new products to test out for your review blog is vital!


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6. Juggling a lot of things.

David juggled his studies and blog duties when he was still a student. And it's a total challenge especially if you're passionate with a lot of things! Going to events and finishing your homework at the same time can be really exhausting. You have to be able to multitask and meet your passion's needs. Time management skills is also key!


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7. Maintaining your motivation

Yes, even bloggers go through that certain phase we call "burnout." So to keep your motivation going, you have to expand one way or another. This can be such a scary thing, but every blogger should be able to take this kind of risk like Lissa. She asked herself what else she can offer to her readers. And through this, she expanded from being a fashion blogger to a fitness and lifestyle blogger. 


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Creativity doesn't have limits. You can be who you want to be as long as you put your heart and mind to it. Struggles are part of any other job, so just power through those hardships and you'll get there!


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