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The Six Fix: Things That Only Pinoys Can Relate To During Christmas Season

The Six Fix: Things That Only Pinoys Can Relate To During Christmas Season



When it comes to Christmas, the Philippines is absolutely the number one country that makes the celebration ten times better than it already is! From waking up way too early for Simbang Gabi to gathering the whole clan during Noche Buena, we Filipinos have holiday traditions that can't be found anywhere else in the world. This makes our Christmas celebrations unique and much more fun!

Here, we list down all the things that only Pinoys can relate to come Christmas season - a mix of nostalgia and pure excitement! Namamasko po!


1. Christmas preparations begin as early as September. The start of "Ber" months is the start of Christmas for us, TBH. Unlike in other countries, Christmas here begins in September and ends in January on Three Kings' Day. Wherever you go; Christmas decorations start popping up even before Halloween ones do. Holiday songs start playing in malls, restaurants, and convenience stores. The Christmas spirit is literally everywhere already, and it gets us way too hyped!


2. We do Simbang Gabi. Attending simbang gabi has been a tradition ever since we can remember. If you get to go every night or madaling araw for eight days, they say that you get to make a wish! Plus, this is the chance to taste the all-time fave Filipino Christmas delicacies, puto bumbong and bibingka!


3. "Sa maybahay, ang aming bati." Every Filipino kid knows what this is all about. Carolling in the Philippines is never complete without this legendary song that all of us have sang our hearts to growing up! Receiving a couple of pesos would surely bring a smile to our faces and would make us sing, "Thank you! Thank you! Ang babait ninyo, thank you!"


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4. Having Noche Buena with the entire clan. Because we Filipinos are known for being family-oriented, Christmas Eve is all about spending it with our family, our family's family, and literally every loved one we can think of. The saying, "The more, the merrier," can't be any truer during Christmas time!


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5. It's not Christmas without a parolThe number one thing that completes every Christmas decoration is the star-shaped lantern that's made with various colors and designs. And you can hang it up anywhere and everywhere! Without it, is it even Christmas in the Philippines? 


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6. Last but not the least: the ninongs and ninangsIf adults have Christmas bonus or 13th month pay to be excited about, kids are all about getting their pamasko from their adult relatives. Whether it's crisp new bills or a neatly wrapped present, hoarding as much as they can is the goal on Christmas day!


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Did these things excite you for Christmas? Well, lucky for you, we only have a little over a month left before the peak of the festivities arrive! What are you looking forward to the most during the holidays? Let's hear it in the comments below!



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