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In Focus: Things Only People Who Take Planner Season Seriously Can Relate To

In Focus: Things Only People Who Take Planner Season Seriously Can Relate To



All the leading planner brands have finally made their planners available and we're spazzing over every one of them! All the designs are amazing which makes the decision even harder for us!

If you're one of the people who actually have to mentally prepare themselves for planner season, then you definitely know what we're talking about. Here are the things we can all relate to!


1. You constantly check web pages of different planner brands for updates. The minute one brand teases their planner design, you begin checking every website in case any other brand did too so you can make a decision early on. 


2. It's a big deal when a planner's cover is finally revealed. For others, it's an artist's new single. For you, it's a planner's theme for the upcoming year. The saying, "Do not judge a book by its cover" does not stop you from making a big fuss over the big reveal of a planner's jacket.


3. You scour every store to look over browsing copies. Online sneak peeks aren't enough to convince you to choose a particular planner. You have to see the designs for yourself and actually feel if the planner is right for you.


4. Being torn between two planners can actually lead to sleepless nights. You've finally seen every planner and it breaks you to have to choose only one. You even consider keeping two planners but you know you won't be able to give them both the same attention they deserve.


5. You can't wait to get your hands on the planner you've decided on. Once you've finally made up your mind, it's only a matter of time before you can actually call it yours. Until that time comes, you'll be dreaming of it day and night. 


6. You'd do anything to get your planner immediately. You would take advantage of all your coffee-loving friends and treat them out just to collect the required number of stickers you need to redeem your planner at once. The best part is when they buy coffee for themselves and give the sticker to you!


7. The moment you finally write your name on it is blissful. Not unlike the honeymoon stage in any relationship, you just can't seem to let your new planner out of your sight. You marvel at its beauty and can't believe it's yours. If only next year would come faster so you can finally start filling out its pages!


If you have already decided or already own the planner of your dreams for next year, good for you! If you're still at a loss, don't you worry. You're not the only one who has it hard. We can only hope you make a choice in time for the New Year!



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