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In Focus: 5 Types Of Students You Will Find In Trinity University of Asia

In Focus: 5 Types Of Students You Will Find In Trinity University of Asia


By Elijah Celemen
Chalk Campus Correspondent


College life has its endearing quirks. Spending most of our days in the campus has made us more observant of the types of students we encounter everyday. But aside from the jocks, the nerds, and the cool kids, campus life in Trinity University of Asia is full of diverse personalities that we can all relate to. Our school may not be widely popular, but we as students are definitely worth knowing! See the kinds of students you'll most likely bump into within our campus!


1. The Foodies

Although TUA boasts a wide selection of cafeteria food, the university is also surrounded by restaurants, cafes, and food chains. The foodies are the students who take their lunch outside the school. Most of them are the "feed-consious" ones whose food will definitely go straight to their Instagram pages, whether it's a quick lunchbreak or an after-class dinner with the squad.


2. The Social Butterfly

With Trinity having a small population compared to other universities, you might get the chance to meet and be friends with almost everyone especially when you're an irregular student. Another way to meet new people is by joining organizations in the university. Trinitians are known to be active and friendly as well!


3. Library Dweller

The Wayland S. Mandell Library of TUA is the best place to be if you're burning the midnight oil for an exam. It is also the haven for tired and sleepy students. But Trinitians are always careful not to be noticed by the head librarian that's why some know how to get sneaky by bringing their books as props!


4. The Late Comer

As students, it's a must to be punctual. But still, coming late to class can't be helped! What's new, right? But for us Trinitians, we can still enter the classroom even beyond the grace period, as long as the professor permits, with or without a mark on our attendance.


5. The Know It All

Class standing in TUA is being valued by students because it's a part of the grading system. It is about the interaction you make with the professor regarding the topics being discussed that's why the students always raise their hands to share their opinion on anything related to the topic at hand. Talk about being an A+ student!


And because we Trinitians seem like a fun bunch, Chalk is coming over to visit us sooner than you may expect! The Chalk Campus Tour is taking place in TUA this coming November 23, 1pm at the University Theater. This is an event you shouldn't miss with special guests such as Jasmine Curtis-Smith, Ai dela Cruz, and Robi Domingo! Make sure to follow Chalk on InstagramFacebook, & Twitter for more updates! See you all there!



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