Cheat Sheet: These #DeskGoals Accessories Will Totes Transform The Way You Work!

Cheat Sheet: These #DeskGoals Accessories Will Totes Transform The Way You Work!

In scaling the corporate ladder, it is simply impossible to perform at your highest capacity without a clear mind. That can be difficult, however, if the space where you spend the most time working is uninspiring and disorganized. Fret not. Refresh your office with an energizing palette of white with metallic accents,  accentuated with pops of color. After all, there’s nothing quite like sitting down to an orderly, inspired workspace every day. 

Having a sleek, modern desk can help streamline clutter on your desk, like this one from Pottery Barn. Select one in polished nickle for a modern take on metallics.

Ditch your humdrum office furniture for this cushy option in Oatmeal from Pottery Barn to inject a plush, feminine vibe to your work space.

Managing your timetable got you in a doozy? No sweat. Stick to your schedules in style with these stellar timepieces from Pottery Barn.

Putting in the effort to make an area look nice is a big motivator to keeping desk clutter to a minimum. These pretty glass boxes from Pottery Barn make it easy for you to store your trinkets in a fashionable way. 

Take advantage of desk acreage to display photos or other items that add a dash of your personality to your work space. These adorable desk accessories from Kate Spade are the perfect perk-me-up to lessen the starkness of your office.

Studies show that indulging in some olfactory stimulation can increase focus and creativity. Carve out some decadence through these lush scented candles from Gucci.

Privacy has been know to boost productivity. Instead of hanging a "Do Not Disturb" sign, why not go for broke with these Boldly decorative folding screens from Gucci to make for a cheeky statement piece for your office. 

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Photographs from Pottery Barn, Gucci, and Kate Spade




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