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A Neophyte Comic Con Experience in the Philippines

A Neophyte Comic Con Experience in the Philippines

Normally, when we hear the term "comic con", these events would usually happen abroad, typically in the United States. Asia Pop Comic Con (APCC) has changed all that, as it has brought the whole comic con experience to the Philippines.

Being the first comic con to ever happen in the country, APCC was well received by pop culture fans with what it has to offer from September 18 to 20 at World Trade Center in Pasay City. From exhibits, premiere screenings, to actors, comic book artists, and cosplayers dropping by APCC, here are some of the reasons why the first comic con lived up to the hype.

The life-sized characters on exhibit

Nothing is more awesome than being greeted with life size statues of Iron Man, Ultron, Alien vs. Predator, Beast, and many more upon entering the exhibit grounds. In addition, one could even try out being in the life-size Hulkbuster armor that is on display (it is really big mind you). 

That shiny, shimmering life-size statue of Ultron definitely caught everyone's attention.

This Alien vs. Predator statue is also eye-catching as well.

In addition to these, there are also large-scaled figures made out of Lego, and replica models of our favorite robots from the 1980s as well.

A plethora of toys and comics to choose from

Of course, all pop culture fans get to choose with a variety of products to shop around inside the exhibition grounds. Whether it may be one of those Funko Pop vinyl figures, or a Gundam model kit, or die-cast models of your favorite superheroes, there are many choices to choose from, as long as you have enough money for them.

These  Iron Man die-cast models may cost a fortune, but it is worth it for avid fans and toy collectors.

Even our childhood favorite die-cast cars from Tomica was on sale (and there are a few rare ones for sale as well)

Aside from toys, people can also scour for comic books and merchandise such as T-shirts, bags, and posters.

The cosplayers who roamed around

APCC would definitely be incomplete without cosplayers, and those who came in costume definitely gave their best portrayal of their favorite characters, whether it may be Spider Man, Dark Arrow, Daenerys Targrayen, Frozen’s Elsa, Captain Jack Sparrow, or one of the Storm troopers.

Hey there, Captain Jack Sparrow.

BONUS: The R2D2 robot roaming around the area was straight awesome!

The lane full of artists, both neophyte and veterans

Love art and looking for something unique? There’s the artist’s alley, where veteran and budding local artists get to showcase their works, whether it is by drawing, by coloring pages, by designing dioramas, or by crafting cosplay costumes.

It's really nice to see artists, whether veterans or neophytes, sketch artowrks on the spot.

The big-time artists who dropped by

Aside from Colton Haynes, Paul Bettany, and Nathalie Emmanuel, APCC had a solid line of cosplayers present which include Strawburry17, Vampy Bit Me, Alodia Gosiengfiao, Allison Harvard, and comic book artists like David Mack, Stephen Segovia, and Carlo Pagulayan, who were all there for autographs and photo ops.

Paul Bettany.

Nathalie Emmanuel.

Also, Haynes, Emmanuel, and Bettany were part of a panel where they talk about their careers, and answer questions from their fans.

*Article photos by author; Banner photo by Sany Chua.




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