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Filipinos Still Read Books (In One Way or Another)

Filipinos Still Read Books (In One Way or Another)

In this digital age dominated by tablets, smartphones, and social media, you may think that books are considered obsolete. Well, if you were at the 36th Manila International Book Fair (MIBF), which happened from September 18 to 20, books are definitely still in.


It was definitely jampacked inside SMX Convention Center.

These photos show that Filipinos would still yearn for books, especially in its physical form. In addition for the desire for books, here are other good reasons why the 36th MIBF was jam-packed:

Books on sale

It is not a book fair if there are no books priced lower than their suggested retail prices. Indeed, it is a treasure hunt inside SMX Convention Center, as book lovers would go through a barrage of fellow book lovers who are searching for really good book buys.

A treasure hunt involving books. 

The coloring book craze

At first, coloring books would normally target children. Nowadays, even adults are joining the coloring book craze, as several stalls sold their own versions of adult coloring books for the satisfaction of everyone who is curious with this new craze.

In fact, majority of the participating publishers have their own version of adult coloring books, giving customers more selections.

Books on the spotlight

MIBF is also a perfect venue for launching new books by authors. Among those new books that were launched include Ryan Rems’ own book entitled “Rock and Roll to the World! Wooooooh alrayt!” under ABS-CBN Publishing.

Moymoy Lulumboy author Segundo Matias with friends holding a copy of his book.

Marcelo Santos III's book Mahal mo siya, Mahal ka ba Niya? was on sale as well. 

Star signings and sightings:

Book authors were also there to accommodate their fans, sign their own books, and have photo ops as well. Such events further made parts of SMX Convention Center packed with people, but thankfully security was all good to ensure the safety of both the authors and the fans.

Here's former Japanese Adult film star Maria Ozawa signing one of her books, a gravure book entitled Ozawa.

Camaraderie with fellow book lovers:

Events like MIBF is the perfect place to meet friends, both old and new, who are into books. Aside from books, MIBF is also a perfect venue for socializing, especially for those with similar interests with particular book genres. 

Book lovers browsing through the pages of a book.
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