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The Six Fix: Things To Tell Yourself After A Breakup

The Six Fix: Things To Tell Yourself After A Breakup


By Crisyl Ursabia
Chalk Campus Correspondent


Breakups suck. Big time. But no matter how hard and painful breakups are, we have to deal with it and help ourselves to move on from it. It’s not as easy as 1, 2, 3, but here are some things you should tell yourself when you’re dealing with the tragic pain of ending a relationship: 


1. "It’s not my fault."

No matter how painful the break up was, don’t put all the blame on yourself.  Blaming yourself will only cause you more misery. Don’t be too hard on yourself because your once-perfect relationship failed. Even if somehow you are at fault, tell yourself that it is something bound to happen and be grateful it happened as early as now.


2. "Forgiveness will lead to healing."

This may be oversimplified but you have to forgive not just them but also yourself. Forgive them for causing you so much pain but more importantly, forgive yourself for letting them hurt you. We're not telling you to forget because it may seem impossible at the moment but you have to forgive to move forward. 


3. "It's 100% okay to cry."

No one will ever count how many times we've cried at night for the same person. So if crying will lessen the pain, then let it all out. Crying is not always a sign of weakness. Sometimes, it’s a sign that you are brave enough to accept that you’re hurt and strong enough to hold back the tears for so long.


4. "My pity parties should have a deadline."

Even though crying is not a bad thing to help you cope with the breakup, don’t deny yourself the chance to be happy with other people. Be with your friends, spend time with your family, and meet new people. In breakups, pain is inevitable but suffering is optional. Cry as much as you want but don’t forget to help yourself get back up again.


5. "I’ll be fine without them."

They're not the air you breathe, the food you eat, or the water you drink, so you can certainly live without them. Their absence may feel like it’s going to kill you but trust us, it won’t. Convince yourself that everything is going to be okay because it will be. You can continue with your life even without them. You can and you will.


6. "It was never a waste of time."

After the break up, it's normal to regret being in a relationship with that person ,but tell yourself that the relationship was never a waste of time, effort, and tears. That person was not meant to stay, but was meant to teach you a lesson. That relationship was not meant to last forever, but it was meant to make you a better person.


And while these things are important, you should tell yourself that the best thing to do is to love yourself. And when your love for yourself overflows, that’s the time you’re ready to pour your love to somebody else again. 


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