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The Six Fix: Want Some Pearly Whites? Here's The Whole Truth About Tooth Whitening

The Six Fix: Want Some Pearly Whites? Here's The Whole Truth About Tooth Whitening

There are a few beauty goals that, admittedly, Filipinos would never stop chasing: a thick, lustrous mane of hair, a glowing complexion, and, more importantly: a sparkling white smile. Considering how much the appearance of our teeth affects our image, achieving a luminous smile is akin to scoring a big promotion or a date with your longtime crush. There are numerous products in the market that promise to provide the luster that most crave for: over-the-counter gels and brightening toothpaste count among the many products that promise results but most fail to deliver the elusive grin that people strive for. So, what does it really take to get those glowing pearly whites?

It all starts with your hygiene. Brush at least twice a day. “Brush immediately after eating or drinking not only prevents plaque build up, it also lessens the likelihood of teeth stains,” reveals Fumiko Yu, Founder of The Smile Bar in Uptown Parade, BGC.

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Diet, diet, diet. Copious consumption of teeth staining food and beverages such as coffee, wine, and your mother's beloved tomato sauce pasta can accerbate undesirable coloring of your teeth. “There are colorants in certain food items that stain our teeth's enamel,” confides Fumiko, “Acidic food also break down the enamel which leads to tooth sensitivity.”

Just say no. Aside from giving your lungs a breather, quitting or lessening your daily dose of cigarettes can also give you a more brilliant smile. “The nicotine and tar in tobacco easily absorbs into the pores of your teeth causing a yellow or brown discoloration,” reveals Fumiko, “Constant exposure to these will heavily stain the teeth it comes in contact with.”

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It's all in the genes. White teeth, it seems, have their roots in your genetic predisposition. “Yellow teeth are easier to whiten than gray ones,” shares Fumiko, “You can only go as far as your natural whiteness prior to discoloration.”

Wage your battle well. We would never attempt a major hair dye job at home. That being said, why should we do one that way when it comes to our teeth? “While DIY is a laudable attribute, there are some things that are better left to the experts,” says Fumiko, “Home whitening kits for teeth are never a sure thing.”

Leave it to the experts. We all remember that Friends' episode where Ross' date went horribly wrong because of his unnaturally white teeth. Save yourself the heartache and have your set treated at a reputable center. “An extremely white color can look fake,” relates Fumiko, “Besides, there are some procedures that can damage your teeth, leading to long term problems such as tooth sensitivity and brittleness.”

For more information on The Smile Bar, visit their websiteFacebook, and Instagram sites, or contact them at (02) 541-2853 / 0917-1485659.

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