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The Recipe of Pastillas Girl

The Recipe of Pastillas Girl

Pastillas girl is three cups of famewhore and more with a dash of dishonesty being the girl who steals a life-changing recipe. She is two tablespoons of fame-hungry who records herself as she swears the most heartfelt “putangina” ever said in the entire history. Clearly, this recipe of Pastillas Girl didn’t sit well with the discriminating palate of many.

That is her supposed recipe or at least, that's what they say. But did the people get the recipe right?


The only kind of pastillas I know is sweet, soft, sprinkled with sugar… something Pastillas Girl is not—at least not yet—and for all the obvious reasons.


Instead of sweet, she is bitter. While her love still burns, her old flame already found rest in the arms of another, in someone she called friend.

Instead of soft, she is hardened. Because for people too naïve to know, that’s what heartbreak does to you. That’s what betrayal makes out of you.

She isn’t sprinkled with sugar. Instead, she is flooded with hatred, covered with judgment, and sometimes a tad too much of it.

So no, Angelica Jane Yap, the one you call Pastillas Girl is no pastillas girl.

But what she is, is a woman who doesn’t play the victim card—something many people can and should learn from. In the chaos of it all, she stands her ground instead, no matter how scary, no matter how shaky, no matter what’s thrown her way. Broken, she makes herself and rises above in love, for love… the way she knows how. And I say, never apologize for how you choose to mend yourself.

So call her pastillas girl all you want and go on, pretend to know her recipe. She may be one-fourth cup of heartache covered with a colored plastic smile and that’s the closest we will ever know of her despite the noise of people’s judgment. But know that her life isn’t some dish cooked to outdo a show but a raw, personal journey unfolding before our eyes.

How about we all be gentle, to her and to each other? Because right now, that may be the only ingredient missing. 




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