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In Focus: What To Say When People Tell You That You Wear Too Much Makeup

In Focus: What To Say When People Tell You That You Wear Too Much Makeup




In today’s generation, more and more people take pleasure in wearing makeup on a daily basis. And sometimes, these people get so inventive with their makeup skills that people who don’t wear makeup couldn’t understand. They tend to give unkind opinions based on their perspective that’s not really necessary nor funny.

The best way to burn them is by shrugging it off. But sometimes, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. So we made a list of killer responses that will make them keep their opinions to themselves because who asked them, anyway?


1. “I’m not wearing makeup for you.”

It’s funny when people assume you’re wearing makeup to impress other people, when the truth is you’re wearing it to impress yourself. *flips hair*

2. “If you prefer less makeup, then wear less makeup. What does that have to do with me?”

You prefer MORE, and you do what you prefer to your face, obviously. So their opinion doesn’t really matter.


3. “Well, I’m a celebrity in the making.”

Celebrities are not the only individuals who deserve to wear a lot of makeup everyday, but if that’s what they believe in then embrace it! Anyway, celebrities are made, not born. *wink*

4. “When my eyeliner is on point, my whole life is on point.”

The real reason why you make your winged eyeliner so sharp is so that you can make better choices in life. Amen!




5. “If only you can put makeup on your attitude.”

If only there’s a makeup made to fix other people’s attitude, then maybe the world will become a better place!


6. “Makeup is an art. Learn to appreciate it.”

Makeup lovers are creative and bold; they’re artists in their own right who enjoy playing with brushes and palettes. The only thing that sets them apart is that their canvas is their face. That’s a skill that should be appreciated, not judged!

7. “The world is my runway.”

Whenever you catch a reflection of yourself in the mirror, of course, you want to look good! If it bothers other people, who cares? The world is your runway, own it!

8. “I wear what I like, not what you like.”

Remember that you didn’t spend an hour doing your brows and an additional hour contouring and highlighting just to be stressed by their opinion.

9. “First of all, I can afford it.”

Sadly, makeup isn’t free. You spend your monthly savings to buy makeup that will make you feel more confident and beautiful. You work hard just to be able to hoard those high-end beauty products, so no other opinion is valid because, hey, you can afford it.


10. “Losing you would hurt, but losing my makeup bag would be a tragedy.”

Sorry, not sorry!

11. “I can’t see your opinion because of how poppin’ my highlight is.”

Your highlight is too bright that it outshone their unsolicited opinion.

12. “Nobody asked you though.”

The truth bomb every makeup hater deserves to hear. TBH.

Life is too short to wear minimal makeup when you want to go all-out glam. What you do to your face is not their problem; so why are they so bothered, right? As long as you’re not hurting anyone, keep doing you.


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