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Daily Diaries: Why A Breakup Can Actually Help Your Relationship Grow

Daily Diaries: Why A Breakup Can Actually Help Your Relationship Grow



The length of a relationship does not lessen the chances of hitting a reef. Just because you've been with someone for two, five or seven years doesn't mean you're safe from a breakup. There will be mistakes and misunderstandings that even the strongest couples will not be able to weather. 

One doesn't need to be in a relationship to know that breakups are hard. There will be tears, screaming, pain and confusion. All that will make you want to wish you'd never fallen in love with the person in the first place. However, sometimes, breakups are exactly what couples need in order for their relationship to grow stronger. 

1. You will both have time to breathe. Some couples prefer to not sleep while feeling mad at each other and that works. For other couples, trying to fix the problem in the heat of the moment only makes it worse. You might even find yourselves fighting over something you thought you were done arguing about a few months back. Breaking up will give both you and your partner the space you never knew you needed.


2. You will learn to be on your own. The longer you've been in a relationship, the harder it is to remember a time when your S.O. wasn't in your life (especially when you see each other every day!) It will be difficult to go on without them in your life but, eventually, you learn to do so. You become more independent and learn things about yourself that you never could while in a relationship.


3. It will help put things in perspective. Once you've had some time to yourself, you can start thinking clearly again. You'll realize that you may have been hurt but the things you said in the heat of the moment weren't exactly fair either. Time may help you see through the pain and maybe even understand your partner's reasons and feelings. 


4. It's easier to start over. "Breaking up" sounds and feels so final. That's why no matter how hard it is, you try to let go of the pain and your feelings because there would be no point in going on. And when you've finally let it all go, you'll find it is easier to forgive them and let them back in your life eventually. The breakup provides you a clean slate on which you can build your new, more enduring relationship. 


5. You see each other's value clearer than ever before. It's true what they say about not knowing what you have until you've lost it. During your time apart, you will miss everything about your partner - from the little things they do to even their most annoying quirks. That's why when you get back together, you do everything you can to make sure you never lose them again.


Breakups can either be a permanent end or a new beginning. Whatever you choose to make it, always remember that a second chance is the greatest opportunity you could ever give or receive. If you are ever lucky enough to get a second chance at love, make it count.


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