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In Focus: 9 Hugot Songs From Moira Dela Torre That You Should Listen To

In Focus: 9 Hugot Songs From Moira Dela Torre That You Should Listen To



From doing cover songs on her YouTube channel to being a part of ASAP’s jam session, Moira Dela Torre has already made a name for herself in the local music scene. With every song she composed and performed, we can’t help but make a playlist that every brokenhearted should listen to! Here's a hugot playlist that will make you want to ask Moira if she stole your diary or something, and thank her for being able to say the words you were afraid to say and feelings you were afraid to accept. Teardrops on cue!


1. "Malaya"

This is the number one hugot song of every millennial out there! If you’re suffering from a fresh breakup, Moira’s breakout song is the song you should listen to! When we first heard it in the film Camp Sawi, we immediately knew that this song would tug every heart string that’s left in us!

2. "Huling Gabi"

It takes a good tearjerker song to make a tearjerker film even better or, in this case, more heartbreaking. If you haven’t watched the film Last Night, their theme song “Huling Gabi” will truly make you want to watch it as soon as possible.

3. "Kita na Kita"

It’s unquestionable that the film Kita Kita is one of the best films of this year. With its story line and outstanding cast, this film is definitely a must-watch. So we understand why Moira decided to compose a song inspired by this film.

4. "Tagpuan"

Inspired by yet another film Love You To The Stars and Back, no one can stop this girl from making a painfully good song. Even her cover of "Torete" which made it to the official soundtrack of LYSB heightened our feelings like never before.

5. "Torete"

The song was already good which was originally performed by Moonstar88, but Moira’s version just made us love it more. With her superb guitar composition, we thank the heavens for giving us such a talented individual!

6. "Saglit"

The perfect hugot song to send to your ex, if you’re already in the process of healing (and forgiving) or if you’re just drunk. LOL!

7. "Panaginip Lang"

This is a relatable song for anyone out there hoping to get the attention by their crush. Notice me, senpai!

8. "Tagu-Taguan"

Literally, the song that made every Gandang Gabi Vice viewer cry. Especially the quotable verse, "Tagu-taguan maliwanag ang buwan, masarap magmahal ‘pag hindi iniwan." It's a song that makes the void in our hears deeper, yet we can't stop listening to it. Moira, please make a full version of this song! 

9. "Sundo"

Another cover perfectly mixed with Moira’s soothing and angelic voice, this opens up wounds we never realized were there. She’s definitely the cover and movie soundtrack queen of this generation!

What’s your favorite Moira song from our hugot playlist? Comment it down below!

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