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In Focus: Perks Of Wearing Glasses That No One Tells You

In Focus: Perks Of Wearing Glasses That No One Tells You



Being prescribed to wear glasses at such a young age (or even older) isn’t really something ideal to anyone. Whether it's genetic or you simply don't take care of your peepers that well, wearing glasses can be a hassle for some. But of course, we have to look at the brighter side of things! Check out these perks that will make you feel better about having “four eyes.”


1. The nerdy image has become a trend in the fashion world. No doubt, glasses has been a trend these past few years. It started with the hipster look that every person tried to approach, but only a few could carry. It’s convenient yet stylish. Pair it up with a plaid shirt or denim jacket, and you’re good to go!

2. It upgrades your look. There are glasses made to flatter your face. Plus, styling your clothes is easier if you have a cool glasses.

3. Glasses protect your eyes on so many levels. Our eyes are vulnerable to pollution and can easily be harmed by UV rays. If you have a pair of glasses, you don’t have to worry about irritated eyes anymore. You can watch your favorite series from your laptop or your phone all day if you want!

4. There’s a 99% chance you won’t lose your glasses. Unlike contact lenses, it’s going to be impossible to lose your glasses because of how thick it is. It’s also impossible to misplace it, unless you don’t know what your glasses look like or you’re just simply a forgetful person.

5. No more panda eyes! If you cried all night because of the K-drama you watched or you had a long night with your friends, it’s going to be hard to go out early the next day with your eyes looking all puffy. Luckily, glasses are here to save you! If you're on the go, slathering concealer to hide your under-eye baggage won't be too necessary.


Glasses were used to be associated with the pre-makeover stage in movies. But now glasses have become a fashion statement, so have fun with  it and wear it with pride!


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