Hot Stuff: Everyone's Talking About This New Travel App That Gets You Really Cheap Deals!

Hot Stuff: Everyone's Talking About This New Travel App That Gets You Really Cheap Deals!

You might have heard about the saying “Anything good doesn’t come easy,” and more often than not, this holds true. But good thing for us, there are certain instances where the opposite can be said of the situation–especially if its something that appeals to most of our interests such as traveling! How? Well, if you’ve had your fair share of getting around, then you might already be familiar with having to do insane amounts of work in putting a trip together, which involves loads of research and manual bookings for each of the places you’d want to put into your itinerary. With the reward of flying abroad or going out of town, unfortunately comes the storm of work before it. But with necessity comes innovation, and what was once a regular ordeal of having to endure manually booking activities and tours, is now, literally, just a few taps on your handheld device. All the work that would take an average of a few hours in front of the computer is now packed, sorted, and easily presented in the convenience of one app–Klook!

The Hong Kong-grown travel booking app has only been around for a few years, but it has introduced any user to affordable deals to destinations, attractions, restaurants, and even wifi and airport transfers in a lot of millennial-friendly countries including ours. As a seasoned traveler myself, planning a trip has always been tedious work on my end, so I naturally met this with skepticism–as I do with almost all things. But, to my surprise, having this app actually made things more convenient. For the benefit of your convenience, here are some of the reasons why I think this app is a must-have!

1. A very simple and user-friendly interface. Upon opening the app, everything is laid out in a simple manner—easy to understand and straight to the point.

2. Easy navigation. Nothing fancy, and nothing complicated. Available destinations are immediately presented for you to choose from, and, if you haven’t made up your mind on where to go yet, they even show you what activities are trending—which is always a good thing!

3. Wide scope of places. Klook covers countries from Asia and the Middle East, to the Oceania region, and all the way to the Europe and the United States!

4. Affordable deals. It’s a general understanding that traveling isn’t exactly the cheapest form of leisure available. So, naturally, any bargain we can get out of a trip, definitely goes a long way. Instead of scouring around for promos, Klook already provides discounted rates for the tours and activities it offers!

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