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"Nathaniel" and The 4 Things You Can Learn From It

Watching television has been an everyday staple to every Filipino’s way of living. Needless to say, there’s so much that can be picked up from the shows people watch—a better sense of fashion, evil laughs, punchline from jokes, and other what have you’s. But more than what we see from sitting in front of our television sets are people working behind who tread their journey that’s both similar and different on its own.

For actors Jairus Aquino and Sharlene San Pedro of "Nathaniel", they shared that you can learn a lot from working in a TV show as much as you do watching it. Here’s what they have to say on what it is to really work behind the scenes and the learnings they gained along the way.



Working long hours on the set, coming from one show to the other, sleepless nights, and more work commitment the morning after. These are enough to drive anyone nuts and all grumpy for the day. That’s why it is very much challenging to apply patience but all the more it becomes important.

Sharlene says, “Yon natutunan ko kay Nathaniel mismo, un anghel, ‘yon wag mag-papadala sa galit mo.” Meanwhile, Jairus adds, “Nagd-drive ako so diba, traffic halos lahat? ‘Yon mga nakaka-salamuha pa natin na tao sa showbizness, not everybody likes us and at the same time di okay lahat, so patience at understanding na natutunan ko sa Nathaniel na-aapply ko naman.”



Feeling blessed every single day with the work given to them and the people appreciative of what they do, Jairus and Sharlene maintain a sense of paying it forward as the show taught them. “Kasi may mga eksena kami na feeding program, medical mission at ibat iba pa. Dun ko natutunan na at this age, or siguro younger than me, they can start na tumulong na sa mga tao,” Jairus reveals.


Seeing the Good in People

“May kabutihan parin sa puso ng mga tao.” That’s one of the recurring themes of the show Nathaniel that also got into Sharlene, saying “…sa everyday life ‘yan eh. Wag papadala sa gallit, kasi minsan pag galit tayo naka-kalimutan natin na mabait tayo eh.”

In addition, Jairus expresses, “Even though you did something wrong, you should have hope sa sarili mo and to other people… and sa may mga kasalanan, pwede pa mag-change and pwede pa maayos ang lahat.”


Faith in God

Lastly, Sharlene stresses how important it is to keep trusting in God. “Huwag tayo mawalan ng tiwala sa Panginoon, kahit anong manyari at problema na pag-dadaanan natin. Kailangan yan talaga eh, wag talaga mawalan ng tiwala, sa (Diyos and sarili).”


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