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Cheat Sheet: 5 Tips On How To Make A Long-Distance Relationship Last

Cheat Sheet: 5 Tips On How To Make A Long-Distance Relationship Last



Most people think that being away from your partner for a long period of time can be detrimental to your relationship. In fact, a lot of couples break up because of this. It’s a fact: it sucks being with someone you only see once in a while. But if you think that the relationship is truly special and you’re faced with this difficult arrangement, here are a few ways on how you can keep them close despite the physical distance.


1. Maintain communication. As much as possible, talk regularly. Find ways to update each other on the happenings in your lives, no matter how mundane it may be. On days when you’re both too busy to actually talk, even a simple “Good morning” and “Good night” can suffice. Any form of communication is important because it lets your partner know that you’re thinking of them.


2. Send a gift. It’s like you’re sending a little bit of yourself to that person. Be it flowers, a book, or even a keychain, these mementos symbolize how much you cherish the relationship, and it’s something they can hold onto while you're apart.



3. Pay a surprise visit. Scheduling visits with each other are always fun, but surprising them is even better! You get to see the look on their face when they answer the door not knowing it’s you on the other side. Just make sure you know their schedule to avoid any inconveniences.


4. Make the most of your alone time. It’s normal to miss your partner a lot and while there may be times when you don’t feel like doing anything because you’re too sad, use this time as an opportunity to build yourself up. Instead of obsessing over what your partner might be doing or what time he gets home so you can Facetime them, find a hobby. Take this time to find something new to do. Who knows, you might even discover a hidden talent.


5. Trust each other. Being in a long distance relationship can make you suspicious and irrational at times simply because you don’t see each other regularly. However, trust is one of the most important components of a healthy relationship. Having full trust in your partner means that you believe they love you just as much as you love them and that neither one of you can hurt the other. Just be open to one another if you’re having any doubts and always be honest about your emotions.


What other things do you do to keep your long distance relationship going? Share them with us below!



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