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In Focus: 8 Stages Everyone Goes Through While Waiting For Their Fave Series To Return

In Focus: 8 Stages Everyone Goes Through While Waiting For Their Fave Series To Return



It can be tough waiting for your favorite show to come back, especially when last season’s finale ended with a major cliffhanger. If you’re one of those fangirls/boys who got hooked on a show that’s currently on hiatus, here are a series of phases that you might go through during the long waiting game.


1. Telling Yourself It’s Ok

So you finally finished the last episode and you take your time to absorb everything you just watched. Next, you decide that a little break just might be what you need even though your heart feels heavy because it knows that this feeling of calm acceptance won’t last long.


2. Waiting Impatiently

You tried you’re best to patiently wait for the next season to come out but it’s just not working. Now you’re probably obsessing over the release date, checking online repeatedly, and staring at the screen hoping the numbers would magically change to reveal an earlier date.


3. Finding Something Else To Do

After a few more moments of denial, you check one last time and confirm that the show is not coming back anytime within the week. Finally, it dawns on you that you’re gonna have to go on with your life without new episodes for the next few months. So now you try to distract yourself by finding another hobby and do something that can keep your mind of that show.


4. Talking About It

Once you realize that the distraction isn’t strong enough to keep you silent, you find yourself itching to just let it out to anyone who’d listen. You look for anyone who watch the series too and engage in a conversation while reminiscing about the previous season together.


5. Reading Fan-Made Theories

Once everyone gets tired of you talking their ear off, you resort to the internet where you might find others as obsessed as you. You then end up spending hours and hours just reading up on a hundred different theories people have come up with regarding the plotline of the show.


6. Rewatching the Previous Season

To look for your own clues, you decide to rewatch the entire series again. You could find yourself understanding the show on a deeper level and maybe occasionally mouth along with the lines of your favorite character.


7. Stalking The Actors on Social Media

You also find yourself watching interviews and guestings just to see the casts’ faces again. It amazes you how the characters in your show are actually real people with different personalities which makes you just love them even more.


8. Awaiting The New Trailer

You start anticipating the release of the new season's trailer so that when it finally comes out, you are among the first to watch it. You start squealing because this means that you’re getting closer and closer to the opening of the next seaon. Now you’re focused and have placed it on repeat so you can watch out for any easter eggs.


BONUS STAGE: Owning Merchandise From The Show

Some hardcore fans end up buying merchandise with their favorite lines and faces from the show. Whether it be shirts or tumblers, these fans know that having these collectibles gives them a sense of closeness to their faves.


Waiting for the return of your favorite shows may feel like an eternity, but they will be back eventually to blow your socks off with an even more amazing new season! Which shows do you religously watch and anticipate their return? Share them below!


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