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The Six Fix: Signs That You're Just A Rebound

The Six Fix: Signs That You're Just A Rebound



So you’ve been dating this person for a month now. You met this person through a friend, and you instantly clicked! You’re happy with your relationship, but there’s just something off with this person. It just seems like there is something that this person is not telling you.

Plus, they sometimes (if not always) mention their ex out of nowhere, even in conversations that’s just about the two of you. Now, that’s definitely a red flag! But if you still need more convincing, here are signs that you’re dating someone who has made you a rebound.

1. They immediately claim that they’re in love with you. Even though you two only met two weeks ago! It’s not that you’re not lovable, it’s just they barely know you well enough to claim that you are “The One.” Remember that there is no such thing as love at first sight. Liking someone that fast would be okay, but falling in love is not. If they can fall in love with you that fast, they can fall out of love with you that fast, too.


2. They avoid the places where they used to go with their ex. You want to eat at that famous restaurant near their place? Sorry, you wouldn’t be able to eat there when you’re with them. If you ask them why, they would tell you that they used to eat there all the time with their ex. If that's the case, then you’re dating someone who hasn’t moved on yet.


3. If they do see their ex, they suddenly act different. They act happy and clingy, but they are usually not like this when they’re with you. It’s because they saw their ex. And now, they're trying to make them jealous. They want their ex to see that they’re “happy” without them, and you’re the chosen piece for their chess game. They're trying to checkmate the ex and you should really not be a part of it!

4. They compare their ex to you. They would tell you that you are so much better when it comes to scenarios that would remind them of their ex. It’s like everything that you do is correlated with their ex. Even in scenarios that’s too unrealistic to be compared to. “Oh! You enjoy watching this television show, too? My ex doesn’t like this show. You’re so much better!” Please.

5. They are bitter about their ex. Sometimes, when you ask them about their past relationship; they shut you down. But when they are in the mood to talk about it, they say insulting comments about their ex. When they do start talking about them, expect it to be non-stop.

6. Your relationship is more physical than emotional. Doing PDA (Public Display of Affection) is indeed a sign that you’re dating, but a true relationship should not be all about that ONLY. You should enter a relationship that makes you feel loved, appreciated, and connected; not just because you want to be physically intimate with someone.



We do hope that you realize what you have gotten yourself into as much as possible. Don’t settle for a half-hearted relationship because you deserve better than that.


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