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In Focus: We Got The Orig 'Influencer' Kris Aquino To Talk About Growing Her Own Online Queendom

In Focus: We Got The Orig 'Influencer' Kris Aquino To Talk About Growing Her Own Online Queendom

Kris Aquino is a woman who has captivated audiences from a variety of platforms for decades and her trajectory for success doesn't seem to have an end in sight. But, she does have her weakness, her proverbial kryptonite, so to speak: dust. Prolonged exposure to this allergen is a huge hindrance for her, working in an industry where symptoms like watery eyes and hives can hinder shoot schedules. “Whenever my allergies would act up, my eyes would start to tear up. Hindi talaga kumakapit ang eye makeup. My makeup artists would pester me about taking Claritin,” explains Kris, “I know that it sounds so shallow, but it's part of my job.”

Her latest bread and butter, that of an online influencer, is an entirely new frontier, one that has Kris quite visible on digital and social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram and Facebook, rather than the television broadcasts that the public has been accustomed to. Admittedly, her venture into digital landscape has not been an easy one. It was decision that came in the wake of a crossroads in her career. During this tumultuous period, in her moments of quiet, Kris asked herself numerous questions, “Hindi na ba ako magaling? Is it really just because I'm being punished kasi last name ko ito? Why am I torturing myself?” Ultimately, it was the love of her job that answered her queries: “Kasi gusto ko, kasi hinahanap pa ng katawan ko.”

As with everything that she does, Kris has not only embraced this new journey with her typical aplomb but is also flourishing in its environs. Her background was integral to taking her first tentative steps towards the digital platform. “Never express weakness: that was how we were raised,” she relates, “Never show that you are down. Babalik ka lang pag kaya mo na ulit.” Thus, she spent a hiatus from the limelight formulating new goals and polishing plans. After clarifying what needed to be done, she bravely set out to carve out a brand new future for her career. “Ok, sinarado nila ang mga doors na ito, I'm going to create new ones,” Kris relates, “I'm going to create a new avenue.” 

Kris' bold move to reinvent herself on a relatively unfamiliar platform was risky and the uncertainty of her gamble was something that wrecked havoc on her self-esteem. It was when the endorsement contracts poured in that Kris found validation that her decision to move to the digital landscape was the correct decision. “Bumangon ang self esteem ko nung nag-renew ang mga malalaking kumpanya, the multinationals,” she exclaims, “It really mattered. They are big business and the fact that they are staking millions on you? Ang laking 'Thank you Lord'.”

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It was precisely this unwavering faith in God that kept her going through one of the toughest challenges that she had to face, she says. Kris is a huge proponent of the belief that prayers can move mountains. “When everything seems to be crumbling, just keep praying,” she espouses, “When you have faith, babangon at babangon ka.”

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With her Facebook posts alone boasting of 75 million minutes of views, it would seem that Kris is well on her way to carving out her new kingdom on the digital landscape. But, rather than display complacency with these figures, Kris chooses to adopt an attitude of humility, saying that it would not have been possible without the help of her digital team. “Don't ever forget those who were with you when you were rebuilding,” she says “It's so easy to be there when everything is going great. But, the people who were there when it was so hard, and when you were just knocking on doors again, they deserve your 100% loyalty.”

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