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In Focus: Chalk's Guide For A Better Semester Ahead

In Focus: Chalk's Guide For A Better Semester Ahead


By Elijah Celemen
Chalk Campus Correspondent


Some might still be in school finishing their first semester, but for most, second semester is about to start. We always look forward to the next semester because we just want to be done with all the stress and have a good and refreshing start.


1. Always prep your things before you leave. No one wants to leave something, right? Make sure all your notebooks, writing materials, syllabus, and books are in your bag the night before to avoid the hassle of going back home just to pick up what you forgot. Always keep the important neccessities in sight like IDs, wallet, and keys by placing them near your bag so you won't forget to grab them. There are some things that you'll never thought you will use, so don't hesitate to pick that up and stash it in your bag!


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2. Organize your semester by having a school planner. College students always have crazy deadlines. If you're having a hard time with your school-life balance, having a planner is the way to go. This will help you keep track of upcoming deadlines and activities you need to do for school and manage your time effectively.


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3. Limit your social media usage. Social media always hinders us from being productive, so having an alloted time that you can stick to will help with your productivity instead of just endlessly scrolling trough your feeds. Try doing this with your dormmates so that you can study together and ace the second sem!


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4. Always find time to have a hearty meal. Conflicting and overlapping schedules also means a sacrifice for your meals. Skipping meals is inevitable, but food is what drives and fuels us to keep up with the struggles of this semester. So it's important to enjoy a good meal with your schoolmates before you start working.


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5. You can party, but know your priorities. It's really all about balance. College can be stressful, so find time to enjoy and unwind. Celebrate a successful report with your groupmates or go to parties after a stressful exam week. Partying doesn't need to be loud. It can simply be a movie or series marathon with beer and popcorn on the side together with your closest friends.  


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6. Meet new people. College is such a big community. Isolating yourself and avoiding new people won't really bring you a fruitful semester. Remember that it's also the people you surround yourself with who will make your semester even more fun. So go out there, and remember to stay true to who you are!


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Are you ready for the next semester? It will indeed be a hectic one ahead, but that doesn't mean you can't finish it with success. Just trust the process and never settle until you reach your goals! Share with us your second sem plans by giving us a shoutout below!


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