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Make Your Own Iced Coffee Jelly Shake And Save So Much Money

Make Your Own Iced Coffee Jelly Shake And Save So Much Money


Iced Coffee Jelly Shake

Serves 2

Iced Coffee


1/4 cup freshly brewed strong coffee

1 1/2 cups coffee flavored ice cream

1/2 cup fresh milk

whipping cream, for garnish


1. Combine brewed coffee, ice cream, and fresh milk in a personal blender. Pulse until smooth.

2. Pour over prepared glasses with coffee jelly (recipe below). Top each glass with whipped cream. Serve immediately.

Coffee Jelly


1 cup freshly brewed strong coffee (use two scoops regular ground coffee per one cup water)

1 tablespoon white sugar

1/2 tablespoon unflavored gelatin powder, dissolved in two tablespoons warm water


1. In a small saucepan, combine brewed coffee with white sugar and gelatin-water mixture. Stir over low heat until well blended.

2. Pour coffee mixture into a medium square or rectangular pan. Chill in the refrigerator for about two hours or until firm.

3. Cut coffee jelly into 1/4 inch cubes.

4. Divide coffee jelly cubes into two and pour into two 8-ounce glasses.


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Originally published in FOOD Magazine's April-May 2014 issue. Recipe by Aby Nachura, styling by Pixie Rodrigo-Sevilla, and photograph by Justin de Jesus. Follow FOOD Magazine on Instagram and like their official Facebook page.





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