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The Six Fix: Makeup Tutorials You Should Try This Halloween

The Six Fix: Makeup Tutorials You Should Try This Halloween



Halloween is just around the corner, so we're betting that everyone might be scarmbling to put together a costume by now that will make them win compliments and awards this year.

But if you’re the kind of person who enjoys playing with colorful makeup palettes and special effects bits, it’s best if you just go rock the party with your face. Be aesthetically wicked with these makeup tutorials that are easy to follow!


1.    Glam Jack O’ Lantern

Cosmobyhaley is probably the Queen Of Halloween based on her makeup tutorials, you’ll be amazed with the Halloween videos she has in her channel. But this is by far our favorite, the Glam Jack O’ Lantern, which has the right pop of glam and autumn vibes in it.


2.    Neon Skull

The skull has officially become a trend this Halloween, and what better way to glow in the party than this Neon Skull by James Charles? It’s edgy and spooky, something that will surely make you stand out in the dark.


3.    Mermaid Skull

Giulianna Maria has slayed us with this look that’s absolutely worth trying! It’s bright and vivid, something that will truly shake up your Halloween. It’s not that hard to do (especially if you have an artsy side in you,) but it does take a lot of time and patience. Well, if you’re going to look this good after you’re done, then it’s worth the wait!


4.    Vampire Princess

If you don’t want to wear a lot of makeup, but still want to look glamorous this Halloween, NikkieTutorials has something for you. This look is simple yet stunning, perfect to do if you know you’re going to sweat a lot from a packed party. Plus, you can wear this on a daily basis; of course, minus the dripping blood part!


5.    Trippy Double Vision

People will literally do a double take at you with this look. This is the kind of look that you won’t need a costume for. It’s easy yet so unique and mind-blowing!


6.    Pennywise

If you want to commit to the scary part of the Halloween world, then be Pennywise in a world full of Harley Quinn. Madeyewlook served up a makeup tutorial that will definitely be the look that will give you nightmares and awards at the same time because of how on-point it is!


So what makeup tutorial are you planning to follow from this list? Whatever it is, make sure you’re going to make this year’s Halloween your most favorite one!


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Banner Photography from Cosmobyhaley




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