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In Focus: Meet These 9 Movers Who Take Girl Power To The Next Level!

In Focus: Meet These 9 Movers Who Take Girl Power To The Next Level!


by Mariel Abanes


The digital age brought us a slew of influencers that millennials look up to for anything #goals—style, beauty, life, squad. Name it, and we've got one and many more! That's why these modern-day role models have a big responsibility upon their shoulders, to look the part and to send a positive message with every post they make. People of all ages are on the look out for what they're up to, and thankfully, these girls exist who know all too well that each of us needs a lift from the daily grind.

With Globe's newest movement here in the Philippines called It's A Girl Thing, an event happening on November 18 that aims to inspire and unite young women, they recognize the importance of the impact digital influencers have on their audience. So bringing together nine girls who advocate on Girl Power is a way to push for this advocacy—that females all have a voice, no matter their age, race, and social status are. Meet these inspiring gals below!


1. Bethany Mota

This trendsetter is a lot of things—a vlogger, a designer, and an entreprenuer. With everything under her belt at 21, she's such a big name in the vlogosphere that she's one of Time Magazine's most influential teens in the world for two years. Her fun and lively videos where you can learn DIY, get tips on fashion and beauty, and more will surely make you feel so positive just by watching her!


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2. Remi Cruz

This Korean-American blogger isn't all about her  lifestyle content—she also reaches out through working with organizations such as the Thirst Project and It's exciting to watch out for her next projects, with the heart for living a beautiful life and promoting social good for everyone's welfare.


laughing at the fact that it is 3:36am and i can't sleep so instead i'm posting this insta!!!!

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3. Niomi Smart

Living smart, that's what she is. Niomi pushes for wellness, mindfulness, and a balanced lifestyle with plant-based recipes, easy fitness routines, natural beauty and skincare, and simple fashion content to promote her advocacy. Learn a thing or two from this lady when you feel the need to escape the toxic and just be zen.

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4. Janina Vela. This sweetheart has captured our hearts through her quirky and fun videos on YouTube. The Disney ambassador radiates positivity among her fans with her bubbly personality. So how can you not get inspired and feel confident with your skin the same way she does, right?

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5. Pamela Kristen Swing

Pam is everything happy—her funny videos are enough to make your day. She's living proof that you can always turn a bad day into a good one through good humor and a big smile.


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6. Kiana Valenciano

Becoming a voice of women through her songs, Kiana proves she's more than just her famous surname. A spin of Circles is an eye-opener—and we just can't wait for what she has in store for her future tracks.


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7. Abby Asistio

Despite having alopecia, Abby is living her life. A singer, songwriter, TV host, and an advocate, she's a living inspiration that what you lack isn't an hindrance for the things you want to achieve in life.


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8. Renee Dominique

You can't be boxed in stereotypes, and that's what Renee has done. Covering songs from The Beatles and Carpenters, she knows her strengths and is comfortable with herself, setting herself apart in the music scene with her fresh perspective and uniquely enchanting voice. 


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9. Riva Quenery

She's a girl that we all aspire to be, but not just because she's pretty—this girl can dance and act, and her Instagram boasts of posts showing that all you need to do is be who you are.


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Feeling inspired yet? Wait until their actual talks and feel more empowered! For more updates on It's A Girl Thing, check out or


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Banner Photography from Bethany Mota, Niomi Smart, Janina Vela, and Kiana Valenciano




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