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The Six Fix: Things Only Extroverts Will Understand

The Six Fix: Things Only Extroverts Will Understand



An extrovert is someone who enjoys the company of other people. They also look for solitude from time to time, but this happens rarely. They follow the ‘You Only Live Once’ motto, they are wired to be adventurous. Extroverts, as we say, are never content. And it isn't because they aren’t satisfied with their lives, they just want to experience more to constantly feel recharged.

So if you see yourself as an extrovert or you know someone who is, you can surely understand these six things!


1. They recharge when they are around people. Unlike an introvert who enjoys being alone, an extrovert feels energized when they are around people who enjoys their company. Doing this makes them feel connected and alive.

2. They get bored easily when they’re alone. It may seem like they’re clingy at times, but hanging out with you just sounds more fun to them than staying at home doing nothing. Don’t get it wrong, they can live without you. They just choose to have fun with you.


3. The more packed their social calendar is, the better. This is what introverts fear the most, but this is how extroverts want to live their lives. If there’s a week in their calendar that is not filled up with events, they will feel like they are missing out a lot in life.


4. Being the life of the party actually takes a lot of work. This is one of the struggles of being an extrovert. If they’re not the life of the party, they will feel like their friends don’t like them anymore; so they just keep on being lively, even though they’re physically exhausted already. Extroverts feel like their purpose in their friends’ lives is to be the cheerful one in the squad. At the same time, they also want their friends to be always happy.

5. Talking and thinking at the same time is normal to them. This is why over-sharing happens when you're with them. They tend to talk and think at the same time, changing topics every now and then. They enjoy telling their friends what’s happening in their lives and, at the same time, want to know what's up with their squad. There are even times that they share the same story again, just to be sure that you get what they’re trying to say.

6. They are goal diggers. They want more and more things every single day. Every time they reach their goal, they will instantly have a new one—but this time, a much bigger one than before. It’s because they believe that if you won’t go big, then just go home.

Being an extrovert may sound exhausting for some, but we can all agree that our lives will not be complete without them. Are you an extrovert? Share your feels and struggles with us below!


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