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In Focus: 8 Famous Ghost Stories From Different Schools

In Focus: 8 Famous Ghost Stories From Different Schools


Ghost stories are an integral part of one's college experience and every school has their own stock of stories that circle around haunting and supernatural activities. If you haven't experienced anything weird just yet, then you've at least heard one or two ghost stories that happened in your campus.

Given that Halloween and All Souls' Day are just a few days away, we collected some of the most famous ghost stories from different schools to prep you before TV news and lifestyle shows air their own Halloween and November specials.


1. University of the Philippines


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A student took the Ikot Jeepney alone late one night on her way to her dorm. When she realized the route the driver had taken was different, she grew wary for the rest of the ride. However, the jeepney took a turn and dropped her right across her dorm.

She hurried to disembark the jeepney but was stopped when the jeepney called after her to explain that he took a different route to ward off the evil spirit and advised her to burn her clothes as soon as she got home. "When I looked in the rearview mirror," said the driver, "you were headless."


2. Miriam College


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Three female students went to the bathroom together after their class. As they all finished their business, another friend of theirs entered to use the loo. When the fourth person entered the cubicle, they thought it would be funny if they locked her in the bathroom so they did and stood outside the door.

The doorknob began to rattle as the girl inside the person demanded to be let out until she started crying. Thinking that was enough fun for the night, they opened the door. There was no one inside the bathroom. They ran and found their friend out on the lanai and asked how she escaped from the bathroom. "Kanina pa ako dito," their friend said.


3. Adamson University


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There was once a 4th grade girl who used to practice on the piano located at the far end of the building. She would play the piano every after class and stories say she was the only person to ever play it. Sadly, she died of leukemia and no one has touched the piano since.

Years later, a music teacher from UST was hired to teach in Adamson University. He wanted to use the piano for teaching purposes and had it moved to the AVR. One time, as he was practicing, the tune of the keys kept messing up so he checked the condition of the piano and found that it was still in its pristine condition.  Later that night, as he was locking up, he looked through the glass panel and found a girl sitting in front of the piano. 

The next day, he returned with his students and discovered that the piano was once again in tune. After his class, he went to use the bathroom and heard someone playing the piano. Assuming it was a student who came back to practice, he returned to the AVR and glanced through the glass panel. He found a young girl standing on the other side, staring back at him. The teacher decided to leave Adamson University not long after. 


4. Far Eastern University

Maningning Miclat was known as one of the most beautiful professors in the Far Eastern University. Sadly, in 2000, she jumped from the seventh floor of the Education Hall Building and passed away at 28.

Students would frequently sight an unknown entity or figure entering the room where the elementary or high school bandurria players would store their stringed instruments only to find that there was no one inside the room. These students strongly believe that it is the spirit of Maningning Miclat.


5. De La Salle University


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With an examination coming up, a girl stopped by the Chapel of the Most Blessed Sacrament to pray. As she was praying the Holy Mary, she heard faint footsteps from elsewhere in the chapel but brushed it off and continued praying.

Not long after, the footsteps drew closer and she started to hear a voice chanting with her as she prayed. When she opened her eyes, there stood a bloody soldier in front of her with a bayonet pierced through his chest.


6. St. Paul College


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While waiting for someone to pick her up, a student wandered the halls of the college. She passed by a classroom and found a person writing on the blackboard in the front of the room all by herself. Legends say it was either a nun or a student. Thinking it was someone she knew, she moved closer only to realize that the person's foot floating about two inches from the ground.

When the person turned to her, the student found she had a featureless face - no eyes, no mouth or anything. And there, written across the board in huge block letters, were the words, "HELP, I'M IN HELL."


7. Ateneo De Manila University


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A janitor was just about getting ready to lock up the building was approached by a security guard who needed to use the restroom badly. He was hesitant to let him since he had just finished cleaning but he allowed it anyway. Once the guard was done, he thanked the janitor and left. When the janitor double-checked the restroom, he was met with walls covered with handprints of human feces.

He ran to find the guard and confront him but the guard denied that he had been the one who made the mess. When the guard turned away, the janitor was shaken as he found the same handprint inside the bathroom at the back of the security guard's uniform.


8. University of Santo Tomas


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The Main Building's restroom ceilings are ridiculously high. One night, a female student excused herself from class to use the restroom. Having the restroom all to herself, she freely selected a cubicle and relieved herself. In the middle of urinating, she heard a faint voice chanting, "Ole, ole, ole". Knowing that she was supposedly in the bathroom all by herself, she quickly finished up and ran back to the classroom.

Everyone asked her what had gotten her so rattled so she told the tale. The professor explained that it was only good that she left as fast as she could and without a second glance. "Ole, ole means 'look up, look up'", the professor told her. Who knows what she would have found if she did?


Creepy, right? Hearing these ghost stories weren't easy for us either. Looks like we're sleeping with the lights on for the rest of our lives! What other campus ghost stories have you heard? Share them with us by leaving a comment below!


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