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Cheat Sheet: 7 DIY Unicorn-Inspired Costumes For Halloween

Cheat Sheet: 7 DIY Unicorn-Inspired Costumes For Halloween

One of the most common costume on Halloween is this very popular, non-existent (but we really hope is real) creature widely known as the unicorn. From frappes to phone cases, the unicorn trend has taken over everything and we're sure that it won’t go away anytime soon. So we made a list of DIY Halloween costumes that you can pull off even on the last minute! If you’re obsessed with unicorns, here’s your chance to be a magical creature for a day!

1. Unicorn Horn Headband

This is probably the number one (and can be the only) item you need to be a unicorn this Halloween. All you need is a plastic headband, curling ribbons, white and pink scrapbook paper or fleece, flowers, scissors, and a glue gun. What makes this so handy and cool is that you can spice things up if whichever way you want!


2. Rainbow Hair and Makeup

If you’re too lazy to buy a unicorn costume, just go full rainbow glam with your make up and wear a pink (or purple) wig. And if you’re so into it, instead of wearing a wig, you can dye your hair pink. You'll absolutely be the center of attention and people  will surely be complimenting your makeup skills!


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3. Unicorn Mane

If you’re the type of person who doesn’t enjoy changing hair colors, then this is the perfect look for you especially if you have long hair. Just curl and tie it up in a big half up ponytail, and you’re done!


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4. A Colorful Tutu

You need three yards of tulle in each color that you want, a stretchy headband or nylon for a waistband, and a glue gun. To help you further, here’s a tutorial from the DIY Queen, LaurDIY.


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5. White Clothing

If you don’t want to wear a bodysuit, you can just wear a white dress. To add more colorfulness, change the white tights into a pink one.


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6. A Graphic Tee

If you're the “I don’t wanna put much effort to my costume” type of person, you can go for the minimalist look by wearing a unicorn graphic tee that you DIY-ed. Buy a plain shirt, make a design or typography, print it on a transfer paper, and put it on the shirt. Easy peasy!


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7.   A Cozy Onesie

A onesie as a costume can be cute and cozy at the same time. What could be better than that? Plus, you’ll be comfortable for the whole party!



These DIY costumes aren’t only perfect for the Halloween party you’re planning to go to, but also on days you just want to look magical. Go ahead, and sparkle wherever you go!


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