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In Focus: 3 Things David Archuleta Wants You To Know If You're Struggling To Pursue Your Passion

In Focus: 3 Things David Archuleta Wants You To Know If You're Struggling To Pursue Your Passion




For most of us, finding our own voice and following our dreams don't always come easy. Whether we're struggling with self-doubt or losing ourselves while conforming to the norm, pursuing our passion can be a tough challenge. But for the moments where you already feel like giving up, we've got the perfect words of wisdom to get you through those confusing times.

You may know him as the cute teen runner up with a matching angelic voice on the seventh season American Idol way back in 2008. And if you've ever wondered where he's been after all that time, we're here to reintroduce to you the now 26-year-old (but still as adorable as ever!) singer-songwriter David Archuleta. After rising to fame through Idol, David has released albums, toured the world (he frequented Manila, in fact!) and took a two-year break to go on mission as a Mormon. After that, David found his footing in the music scene once again, making a comeback as a more solid and heartfelt version of himself, a mark of the grown-up artist that he has become after all these years.

As finds himself once again in our shores, we got the chance to catch up with David and what we discover is an inspiring lad who's a strong advocate of staying true to who you are above anything else. Here are three important takeaways we got from David which will surely fuel that spark in you the same way they did with ours!


1. "You don't have to be perfect to find joy in what you do in life."

Among David's biggest struggles is battling with perfectionism which many of us can relate to.  He shares, "There are so many times when I wouldn't even do something because if I couldn't do it just right, then why even bother? Or I would think that I'm going to fail, or it's going to go wrong." But his song "Invincible" captures his realization that we don't have to be "perfect" all the time and that it's okay to accept our weaknesses. David concludes, "You don't have to be perfect to try things. Just go for it."


2. "You don't have to be somebody else to be good at something. You just have to find who you are, and let that shine."

As an artist, it's easy to lose your voice when it comes to choosing which path you want to take. David reveals, "Record labels would literally tell me, 'We want you to be a white Chris Brown,' or, 'Now, we want you to be a Justin Bieber.' It's like they've always wanted me to be someone else. And I felt like I lost a lot of my own value." But after years of "playing the record label game," David realized that all he had to do was to be himself and sing about the things that actually mattered to him. "I struggled at first, but then I realized that I can be me. So it's been a lot more fulfilling," he shares.


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3. "It may take more work, but it doesn't mean it's impossible."

David admits that being yourself has its challenges. You can get caught up with people telling you what to do, and you become too conscious about speaking up or standing up for your beliefs. But it's well worth it. "For people who are making music, dare to be you," he advises. "To be honest, I think a lot of musicians lose themselves because they're trying to play a character. And maybe they do really well, but they lose themselves. And a lot of my peers, these musicians, didn't know how to be happy." He elaborates, "I think the reason a lot of them turn to drugs or fool around is that they don't know how to fill that emptiness." And in a world full of this sort of noise, David's final word of advice is this: "You just have to be willing to be you."


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Listening to everything that David had to say was simply an awakening. He's definitely an artist with a heart that can affect us in the most moving of ways! If you can't get enough of David, make sure to catch him at his show tonight, Oct. 20, 2017, at the Kia Theater brought to us by Ovation Productions. His new album, Postcards In The Sky also drops today, so don't miss out!


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