In Focus: What Our Fave Celebs' Vanity Tables Look Like

In Focus: What Our Fave Celebs' Vanity Tables Look Like



Every beauty girl has surely dreamed of having the perfect space to place all of their skincare and makeup essentials. Having a little nook with good lighting that can help in flawlessly applying makeup and taking on-point selfies is the ultimate dream!

Whether it’s in a small corner in your bathroom or right by your bedside, having the right kind of furniture for all your beauty products is a definite must. Leave it to these ladies to show you that no home is complete without a nicely furnished vanity table.


1. Alexa Ilacad

Alexa showcases her collection of brushes in cute pink and white brush holders that subtly add a pop of color to the all-white aesthetic of her desk. Swipe to the second photo to see the whole table!


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2. Elisse Joson

Elisse lays out her essentials on the desk for easy access whenever she needs to quickly apply her makeup or retouch her face.


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3. Kiray Celis

Kiray’s vanity table is a childhood dream come true! The spongebob themed dresser matches with the rest of her room which is also a reminiscent of the pineapple under the sea. Swipe to the second photo to see what it looks like!


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4. Michelle Dy

Michelle’s makeup table is perfect for all beauty vloggers. It consists of a large mirror surrounded by brightly-lit bulbs that’s great for selfies and tutorial videos.


5. Camille Co

Camille’s vanity area is hidden inside her walk-in closet and features a mirror that can be moved up and down with the flick of a switch. Everything is kept neat with multiple organizers that hold her vast collection of beauty supplies.


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Which one’s your favorite? Share it with us in the comments below!


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