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Hot Stuff: How David Archuleta Sparks Legit Inspiration With His Music Comeback!

Hot Stuff: How David Archuleta Sparks Legit Inspiration With His Music Comeback!

Finally, he’s back.

We don’t know about you, but suddenly we’re in 2008 again–those days when “Crush” was playing everywhere, and David Archuleta, despite failing to take home the American Idol title, was a name everyone keeps on talking about. He’s cute, he sings well, and he’s never had a bad reputation—all these good things that kept him on the radar of many in the years that followed. His stint here in the Philippines was also well-received, and after a TV show with Jasmine Curtis-Smith and an exclusive OPM album, this crooner had permanently carved a mark on every Pinoy's heart. And even after taking a break in the music scene to go to Chile in 2012, David continues to inspire – up to this day.

With his new album, Postcards in the Sky, its release coinciding with his Manila stop Friday night, everyone is just as excited to see him again. Much more on how the AI runner up has changed throughout the years. Much of that change is in the album itself–his journey to self-discovery, all poured out in 16 songs. All inspired by his learnings from his two-year missionary work, David’s messages speak of the unspoken–of breaking free and realizing the person that you are.


Like how it’s okay to fail. And make mistakes–because you’re human.

“Even if you fall, it ain't over yet / If you're in the crossfire, don't forget / That you don't have to be invincible.” – Invincible


But to stay strong despite others’ doubts. And believe in yourself.

“Everyone starts to question why / Sees the rust where I see shine.” – Say Me


To take a break. Take your own pace, and realize what you really want.

“Everybody needs time away / To wake up with the sun on their face/ I’m not there yet but I know / I don’t wanna feel numb.” – Numb


To embrace change. To grow and be who you are.

“I'm ready / I'm ready for a change / I'm not afraid to lose and leave it all behind.” – I’m Ready


And to not meet others’ expectations. To be your imperfect self.

I just want a little more breeze / A little more ease / A little less people I can't please / Give me a little more faith / A little more space / A little more room for my mistakes / I've got other things in sight in mind.” – Other Things in Sight


What David made are go-to tracks for those days when you need uplifting–reminders that there are people who go through the same hardships, feel the same sentiments, and still continue to live life. Even though it took him a while, we can always trace back to the same David—only wiser. And this is how he’ll continue to be a name everyone will keep on talking about!

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