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The Six Fix: Local Songs That Will Make You Feel In Love (Even If You're Not!)

The Six Fix: Local Songs That Will Make You Feel In Love (Even If You're Not!)


By Elijah Celemen
Chalk Campus Correspondent


Music has always been one of our geatest solace whenever we encounter emotions we can't contain a.k.a. #feels! We will always find a song or playlist that matches our mood. Sometimes, some songs can move us and make us fall in love, or at least give us that hopeful feeling of falling in love. Check out these tracks from our favorite homegrown acts that will surely give you the fuzzies and make you think of a special someone!


1. "Leona" by Carousel Casualties

But oh, when you waltz into the room
It’s a turbulence before a plane crash
It doesn’t matter where I land
As long as I can hold your hand

We all have a "Leona" in our lives a.k.a. the object of our affection who seems quite unreachable. This can come off as a sad song, but it also reminds us to be a little more hopeful when it comes to pursuing love.


2. "Sana Ikaw" by Rivermaya

Sana ikaw na lang sinta
Sana naman may pag-asa pa
Siguro naman mas sasaya sa piling mo'y liligaya
Sana ikaw na lang sinta.

This heartbreaking song talks about acceptance by conveying that there's nothing we can do with a love that has lost its fire. There's no hatred or bitterness here; it only means that you never cease to love no matter how much you've been hurt.


3. "Kahit Na Anong Sabihin Nila" by Unit 406

Kahit na anong sabihin ng iba
Pangako ko sa 'yo na walang mag-iiba
Wala, walang magdidikta
Sa nadarama
Kahit na anong sabihin ng iba
Mahal kita

With this band invading the music scene one track at a time, they send a powerful message that nothing else matters when it comes to your relationship. At the end of the day, the love you have for each other is the most important thing you should hold on to.

4. Di Makatulog - SUD

Ang panalangin ko
Ako sanang naiisip mo
Bago pumikit ang iyong mata
Ayokong managinip nang mag-isa.

After the release of their extremely famous track "Sila," SUD continues to amaze us with this brand new song. This song might just be your next lullaby. The feeling of longing and missing someone can be felt while listening to these lyrics, and it's something you might want to send to the person you're sincerely falling in love with! *wink!*


5. "Spaces" by MilesExperience 

Dim the lights and find your way to me.
Through the space and time
Somehow, I'll wait
Feel the tension rise, and let it be
Let the heavens know
We'll soon be free.

The message of this song is clear to us: we must fight through the spaces (physical or not) that can come beteween a relationship. It's all about finding a halfway point and hoping to meet your love there.


6. "Maybe The Night" by Ben&Ben

Maybe the night holds a little hope for us, dear
Maybe we might want to settle down, just be near
Stay together here

This new release from Ben&Ben captured our hearts by its heartfelt story telling. We can't help but imagine the narrative of the song as we listen to it. A hopeful kind of love whispers in the ears of whoever listen to this track!


These local acts prove that we should never stop loving no matter how much it hurt us. Listening to these songs will give you a new perspective of love and healing. Plus, it ups your local music game! Tell us if you can relate to these songs by giving us a shoutout below!



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Banner Photography from Ben&Ben, Unit 406, Sud, MilesExperience, Carousel Casualties, and Rivermaya




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