In Focus: 5 Reasons Why It's Okay To Say 'No'

In Focus: 5 Reasons Why It's Okay To Say 'No'


By Elijah Celemen
Chalk Campus Correspondent


There's so much that we want to do in this world, but, let's face it, we cannot do everything. Saying "yes" to everything that life throws at you can really be toxic and at times risky.

We cannot say "no" easily because we don't want to let anyone down. But we need to realize that there will come a time when we will let someone down and we just can't avoid it.

Hre's a list that will make you feel better the next time you want to say "no" to something.


1. It's only you who can decide for yourself. Maybe this is the perfect chance for you to "grow up" and decide for yourself. Don't think of anyone that will influence your decision. Learn to weigh the decision yourself, and don't think of what others will think and what they would say.


2. Saying "yes" can be exhausting. Saying "yes" to many things obviously results into doing more things, but sometimes these tasks can be against your will. You will be put in a situation where you will regret doing it, and you start to wish that you could've said "no."


3. You need to set your priorities straight. Knowing your priorities will help you decide on whether to say "yes" or "no" to things. Learn to align the things that you do based on your goals so that you can avoid unecessary activities that are not in line with what you do and what you aspire to be.


4. You can only accept what you can bear. These are the words you need to remind yourself. When commitments start piling up, always remind yourself that there's also a limit to what you can do. Most people will realize them when deadlines start pushing them more than necessary.


5. Life will open doors for new opportunities and chances. There will be so many doors that will open for you and that doesn't mean you have to enter in all of them. Accept an opportunity that you can give your 100% commitment to, something that you can be proud of unlike doing many things that you're not happy or even fullfilled with. 


Saying "no" isn't that hard right? We hope you find these tips helpful. Share your experiences in saying "no" in the comments section below!


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