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In Focus: Things You Can Only Understand If You're Dating Someone From The South

In Focus: Things You Can Only Understand If You're Dating Someone From The South



Falling in love with someone from a different country is hard, and you have to get used to your long distance relationship. Sometimes, you even wake up early in the morning just to have a good night talk with him.

So dating someone from the same country shouldn’t be that bad, right? Well, you might be possibly wrong. Someone from the North dating someone from the South is quite harder than it looks. And you won’t understand the struggle of dating someone from a different side of the Metro unless you have experienced it.

Hello, Northern-Southern couples! This list is for you: things that only the two of you can understand!


1. You have to compromise on your meet up. Most of the time, your meeting place is in Ayala or Alabang. At the same time, you have to free your schedule (or at least have enough time) on that day because you never know when the traffic is in a good mood or not!


2. The drive/commute to their place can be tiring. You’re the Romeo and Juliet of this generation. If you live in Quezon City and they live in Paranaque, get ready for the looooooong drive that’s bound to happen. Hello, 2 hours of playing I spy with my little eye! *sighs*



3. Seeing each other in person feels like ages.  "Ages" is an understatement as to what you're feeling when you're not together. When you see each other, it’s like it has been too long. But the truth is, it has only been a week or two. You give them hugs and kisses every minute, tell them everything that had happened to you at work or school, and stare at them longer than usual that it starts to creep them out but you don't care. This is so you would be able to continue living without them for another DREADING week.

4. FaceTime, Skype, and Facebook video call are three of your most used apps.  There are days that you won’t be able to see each other. And sometimes, those days become weeks because your schedule decided to spice up your love life. So when you want to see them, these three apps are your life saver!


5. When you want to tell them something, but they won’t answer your call. If only they can free their schedule easily to talk to you and vice versa, then days like this won’t happen. But that’s not the case; you have your own lives, too. So when they already have the time to talk to you, you forgot what you were planning to say. Times like this make you hope that they just live next to your house or in your house. Well, the latter is very tempting!

6. The idea of moving is starting to crawl into your mind. As much as you don’t want to, the time will come that one of you should move to the other side. It’s either you’re going to move to the South or they’re going to move to the North. It’s not a huge problem at the moment, but it might become a major concern in the future.

7.  You learned to love the nature more because of them. That’s why there’s a lot of beautiful places with fresh air in the South, it’s because they prioritize cleanliness. And because of them, having a picnic at Nuvali Park makes you happy more than eating at a fancy restaurant. 


Dating someone who lives far from you can be a challenge, especially if you're the type who wants to be physically with your partner all the time. Still, as long as you're with someone who exert the right effort to make you happy and safe, don't let that person go. 


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