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The Six Fix: Things Every Fan Does For The Love Of EXO

The Six Fix: Things Every Fan Does For The Love Of EXO



EXO is a South Korean-Chinese boy group that became phenomenal because of their godly looks, boyfriend-material charm, and well-mannered personality. Every K-Pop fan, whether you’re in the 2nd or 3rd generation group fandom, has heard a thing or two about them. Problems may have surfaced these past few years (with members leaving,) but this group has proved that they have become stronger than before.

What we love about the boys of EXO is that they're an excellent group that can work as a unit just as well as individuals. At the same time, they are the only boy group that gets through the Chinese market—which is a big thing!

With the amount of members this group has, it’s not surprising that at least one of them can charm a lot of fans. That’s why EXO-Ls will do things for the love of EXO no matter how crazy or challenging it is!

1. Not eating for months just to save money for their upcoming concert and album...

Not literally, of course! It’s more like dieting; not to lose weight, but to save money to buy multiple copies of the album once it’s out. EXO-Ls do this because EXO is a quadruple million seller, and they make sure that their favorite group always wins Album of the Year. That’s EXO’s trademark since they debuted.

2. Waking up early for the ticket selling...

EXO-Ls will wake up at 3am. just to wait for the mall to open for the ticket selling that will start at 10am. And they don’t only do that during the ticket selling. Sometimes, fans will go overnight outside Araneta Coliseum just to get a good seat at the concert.

3. Writing stories and making art about them...

Even if they’re not being paid to do so! And if they do get paid, 70% of it will go into their savings for the upcoming merch release, album, and concert.

4. Voting like crazy whenever EXO is nominated...

EXO-Ls will remind themselves every single day. They will make multiple accounts to vote for EXO. They believe that the group’s hands aren’t meant for clapping for other group’s who have won; their hands are meant for receiving awards. That’s why these fans totally go all out when it comes to making sure that they will win for every award that they’re nominated.

5. Waiting for music video release dates...

They will wait for the MV to be released. And when the time has come, they will spazz and forget to sleep. If they do get a chance to sleep, it will only be for three or four hours before they have to wake up just to continue watching the MV until it gets the fandom’s target views.


6. Acting like their ideal type...

Even though you know they wouldn’t probably notice you, you still imbibe their ideal girl. If ever they say they want someone who has short hair and wears a pair of jeans, you will do just that!

Bonus: Showing their parents that EXO is a good influence and letting everyone know how much they love the boys...

You work hard just so your parents will allow you to go to their upcoming concert. You also make sure that everyone you know can see all the good things you see in your favorite boys. They're just too precious to be judged wrongly!

To sum everything up, there’s nothing shocking about EXO-Ls dedicating their time and energy in supporting EXO. The group has given them happiness through their hard work and awesome performances, that’s why they want to give something back to them. EXO-Ls work hard not for the group to be simply popular (they already are, anyway,) but to be recognized as the true artists that they genuinely are. 



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