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In Focus: When It's Okay To Not Follow Your Parents' Rules

In Focus: When It's Okay To Not Follow Your Parents' Rules




Your parents sacrificed a lot of things for you, so it’s understandable that they are protective of you. And it’s true that your parents can see someone (or something) that’s not good for you, even before you recognize it. That’s why it's often believed that if you always obey your parents, then you’ll have a good life.

But there are rules that just don’t make sense. And even though they are your parents, it’s okay to not follow everything in their rule book if it’s not making you happy anymore. Here are four things you can decide purely on your own.

1. When it comes to your dreams...

There are parents who are very supportive when it comes to their child’s dreams, but there are also parents who just see their child as a carbon copy of themselves. Sometimes, what your parents want is not what you want. Of course, your parents just want what they think is the best for you. But there are times that what’s best for you is not the one that will make you happy. So if you want to be an artist and your father wants you to become a doctor, go pursue your dreams by all means!


2. When it comes to their gender-biased rules...

We grew up in a society that has gender-biased rules. Thankfully, we are in a generation that’s continuously evolving. So if your parents don’t want you to get a pixie haircut because it makes you look like a boy, then we advise you to get that pixie haircut! What’s wrong with looking like a boy? At the same time, there’s nothing wrong with growing your hair longer if you’re a boy. At the end of the day, your hair should not define your gender.



3. When it comes to the person you’re dating...

Luckily, most parents don’t really force their child to date someone they don’t want. But sometimes, that’s not the case. It’s okay to ask for an advice to your parents when it comes to the person you want to date, but an advice should only remain as an advice. Your parents shouldn’t be the one to decide who you’re going to date. Remember, they’re not the one who's going to be with this person all the time.


4. When it comes to your sexuality preference...

Your parents' should not force you to be someone that you're not. Being closeted is one of the worst things ever, and you shouldn't feel like you are unworthy of their love just because you're attracted to the same gender. If they really love you, they should love you for who you are; not for what they want you to be. 


Most of the time, your parents are right. But they are also humans, and just like you; they also make mistakes from time to time. It's always important to maintain an open and healthy relationship with them so you can make them understand that you also have to live your own life and make decisions for yourself.



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