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The New Body Goals of Women

The New Body Goals of Women

“Fitspiration” is any message whose supposed intent is to encourage people to reach their fitness goals.

A simple Google or Instagram search of the term will lead you to thousands and thousands of articles and photos.

Nowadays, everyone seems to have his or her own “fitspiration.” For aspiring figure competitor, Carissa Tirados, pictured below. 

Total Transformation

When asked about the reason she got into bodybuilding she says, "going to the gym has been part of my lifestyle for a very long time. I have been doing it for the sole purpose of losing weight. But now with the help of my mentors, I have come to realize that this is the next step for me. Since I have been doing this for so long, why not do it with the goal to be on stage and call myself an athlete."

But there will be days when she'll feel down and demotivated. At times like this she says, "every time I feel like giving up, I always look back and say to myself that I'm never going back to my former self again. I wouldn't waste all the time, money and effort I have in this journey. Above all, I want to prove to myself that I can do this, for this is my passion and my journey."

She also looks up to these women and consider them as her “fitspirations.”

Michelle Lewin

Instagram: @Michelle_Lewin

Instagram: @michelle_lewin

Michelle Lewin is a Venezuelan-born fitness model and National Physique Committee (NPC) bikini competitor based in South Florida. You can checkout her youtube or instagram account for videos of workouts she does. She routinely works out with 650 lbs leg presses. Now if that’ s not badass, we don’t know what is.

Paige Hathaway

Instagram: @paigehathaway

Instagram: @paigehathaway

Paige Hathaway is a 26-year old Minnesota-born fitness model and National Physique Committee (NPC) bikini competitor based in Oklahoma. She entered her first bikini competition, the Ronnie Coleman Classic (biggest NPC statewide competition in United States, nonetheless) in 2011 and placed 2nd. She found her purpose in helping people to see that having a fit lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to completely give up things you love, change your entire life or achieve one certain look. We like this girl already.

Anne Phung

Instagram: @annephung

Instagram: @annephung

Anne Phung is a certified personal trainer, NPC bikini national qualifier and Ms. Vietnam SoCal 2014. Anne found her calling in health and fitness, helping people get in shape and improving people’s lives all over the world has brought joy and happiness to her. You go girl! 

Emily Skye

Instagram: @emilyskyefit

Instagram: @emilyskyefit

Emily Skye is a health & fitness ambassador and World Natural Bodybuilding Federations (WNBF) Figure & Fit Body competitor. Today, she’s busy with F.I.T. Program, her own fitness program. Continue helping others achieve their fitness goals.

Hope to see more girls getting into fitness and having an active lifestyle. Here’s to a stronger and fitter you.




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