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In Focus: Why You Should Join An Organization In College

In Focus: Why You Should Join An Organization In College



Graduation is every college student’s finish line but the roads they choose to travel towards their end goal are not all the same. While there are those who choose to focus solely on their academics (and perhaps their social life,) there are others who dare take a rougher path.

While there is an existing stigma among many parents about college organizations distracting students from their studies, orgs make university life much more interesting. If you or your parents are second-guessing about you joining a college org, maybe these reasons will help you finally go through with it:


You get to challenge yourself. Many organizations may require a great level of commitment and focus, and that’s okay. With 7-8 subjects to deal every semester, adding an extracurricular activity to the equation may be a terrifying idea but you’d be surprised how well you’ll end up handling everything on your plate. Trust us: a lot of students who graduate with Latin honors have their own orgs, too!

Here’s a tip: Ask the president (or any officer) of the organization about how they wound up where they are now. You may be surprised about what you learn.


You will learn a lot. Joining a college organization will help you expand your skillset. Debate, choral singing, hosting, acting, student welfare, etc. – it doesn’t matter whether it’s something you already know or something new you want to try out. If you stick around long enough, you’ll also get to pick up organizational skills that you will get to apply in the classroom and in life. Plus, they look good on resumes!


You make new connections. Don’t let your classmates be the only names and faces you get to know in college. Joining an org is a great way to get to know people from other majors and even different schools. These people may be able to help you or vice versa one day. Your future boss may need a freelance photographer or someone to design an app for him, and you’ll be there with a phone filled with contact details to tell him you can hook him up! You know what they say: your network is your net worth.


You grow as a person. College organizations are not only essential to your growth as a student, but they also help you as a person. They help you define the line between what you’re good at, what your hobbies are, and what your passion is. Your judgment gets better in time until it becomes easy for you to determine what needs to be prioritized, what’s worth your time, and what’s not worth the effort. The values you pick up such as discipline and patience will stick with you for the rest of your life.


You make great memories and friends. Life in college isn’t going to be easy but it will surely be memorable. The connections you make during your time in a college organization may last longer than those you make in the classroom. Ten years later, you might find yourself planning another night out with your friends from your college org a.k.a. the best people in the world!



When you reach the end of your college journey and look back on your life in the university, you'll be more than grateful to your org for helping you make the best out of your experience and shaping you into the person you've become. So go ahead, and sign up to the org you're currently eyeing!



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