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Pop Quiz: If You Were An Ice Cream Flavor, What Would You Be?

Pop Quiz: If You Were An Ice Cream Flavor, What Would You Be?

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

All of us share a love for ice cream; where we differ is the flavors we prefer. And our ice cream flavor of choice is like a very tiny peek into our souls, because it says a lot about our personality. How so? Because ice cream flavors have their own personality as well! There’s a good chance that you love the flavor that’s most similar to yours. And to determine which ice cream flavor best describes your personality, we came up with a quiz. Take it before it melts!

1. Your crush shared his/her ice cream with you. What would you say?

A. I’d freeze up like ice cream.

B. I’ll say “thank you” and take this chance to share my feelings.

C. Instead of saying “thank you,” I’ll blurt out “I love you!”

D. I won’t be able to say anything because of the shame I’ll feel after accidentally dropping the ice cream.


2. What’s your idea of a good day?

A. A carefree, no worries kind of day.

B. A day where everything goes according to plan.

C. A day where exciting things happen one after the other.

D. A day where nothing goes wrong.


3. How would a friend describe you?

A. “Someone who does the wrong thing sometimes, but it’s understandable why it happened.”

B. “Someone who’d always do the right thing.”

C. “Someone who may not always do the right thing, but always has the right intentions.”

D. “Someone who gets a lot of things wrong, but he/she isn’t always to blame.”


4. What would you do if you saw a ghost?

A. What else? RUUUNNN!!!

B. Tell the ghost that I’m not scared of anything!

C. I’ll ask the ghost what he or she needs.

D. I’ll try to run, but I know I’ll just trip or hit my head on something.


5. Which of these adjectives that start with “A” do you best identify with?

A. Anxious

B. Assertive

C. Affable

D. Awkward


6. Are you good at handling stress?

A. Absolutely… NOT!

B. I eat stress for breakfast, lunch, dinner—and even for midnight snack!

C. I handle it by not thinking about it.

D. I’m the one who brings stress to others.


7. You accidentally bumped into someone who’s holding an ice cream cone. Now, there’s ice cream all over your shirt. How would you react?

A. You’ll apologize non-stop and would offer to buy the person more ice cream.

B. You won’t hesitate to tell the person who was holding the ice cream that it was his/her fault!

C. You’ll tell the person that it’s okay, it’s your fault anyway.

D. You won’t mind, because you’re used to this kind of thing happening to you.


The Scoop: Here are the results!

If you answered mostly As, your personality is most like cookies ‘n’ cream ice cream! You’re similar to Nervous Neil, the Selecta Scoops character who’s a notorious worrier. He’s a bit jumpy, which sometimes gets his fellow Scoops into trouble. He’s also easily frightened, but his friends would stick up for him and say he’s “excitable” more than anything.
If you answered mostly Bs, your personality is most like strawberry ice cream! You’re similar to Bossy Betty, the Selecta Scoops character who likes to take charge in every situation. She’s headstrong, assertive, and acts more maturely than others around her even though she also has her fair share of mischievous stories to tell
If you answered mostly Cs, your personality is most like chocolate ice cream! You’re similar to Clumsy Colin,  the Selecta Scoops character who’s a man of action and jumps straight into any situation without thought or hesitation! Unfortunately, he doesn’t always see how things might turn out. Despite that, he’s a lovable oaf with a good heart.
If you answered mostly Ds, your personality is most like vanilla ice cream! You’re similar to Luckless Luke,  the Selecta Scoops character who’s always in the wrong place at the wrong time. He’s always up for mischief—and almost always gets caught. Described as “an accident always waiting to happen,” everyone else feels luckier when he’s around. That’s still a good thing, right?




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