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The Six Fix: No To Candies And Cavities This Halloween With These, Yes, Healthy Eats!

The Six Fix: No To Candies And Cavities This Halloween With These, Yes, Healthy Eats!

Halloween time is, to put it plainly, cavity and tantrum central on the parental calendar. Some of you, though, especially those of you trying to stay healthy or perhaps raising a diabetic child or teen, may not be game to make Halloween an ultimate cheat day.

There are ways to enjoy the thrill and boost of a healthy Halloween sans the sugar or with at least less of it without being a party pooper or candy corny to say the least. We've rounded up a few nutritiously scrumptious pretty much sugar-free Halloween dishes that are simple, down-to-earth DIY delights, plus they're photo-worthy as a bonus. Some of the ones we tracked down have accompanying how-to videos, too! 

1. Simple yet frightfully fresh fruit cups

Is your Halloween week turning out to be as tight as it is creepy? Make a mad dash to the nearest grocery or fruit store and get simply creative. Stock up on some multi-colored fruits, black markers, and clear cups so you can assemble these creepy cups for your mini guests. Remind them to toss out their plastic cups accordingly to the nearest recycling bin. 


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2. Healthy Halloween gummies 

Lorena Grater's @GreenHealthyCooking account posted this delightful pile of Healthy Halloween gummies online and we did a total double take when we saw the word "healthy." They totally look like sinful sweets but are as pure for your diet as they are pretty!

They consist of grass-fed gelatine, pumpkin puree, coconut milk and maple syrup! Access the complete recipe at the bottom of her post here and watch the how-to video below. 

3. Anything free of gluten, dairy, egg, nuts, or sugar. Sounds strange? Not when you check out the recipe below in the photo. Sweetened by honey and flavored with fruit these jiggly but healthy and yummy worms will be a hit at any party on Halloween night! 

4. Stuffed bell pepper jack-o-lantern appetizers. Pumpkins aren't common in the Philippines and even if you do have a beautifully shaped squash that's like a baby version they're a tough pain to carve. Why not serve up bell pepper jack-o-lanterns?

You have the option to fill them with different DIY dips of your own like black bean dip, tuna spread, guacamole, sour cream and onion, or hummus. Then top them with veggie sticks like cucumber, carrots, and jicama (singkamas). Or you can stuff them with chili con carne and cheese like in the vid below!

5. Popcorn. We have here another quick DIY on our list, popcorn hands! Fill those sterile clear gloves you can get at the grocery with popcorn and tie them off with some ribbon. 

If you're opting to display ethnic diversity among different types of hands buy different flavors of popcorn like butter, cheese, and caramel so they vary in color!

6. "Candy Corn" three-cheese pizza by Influencer Rosanna Pansino. "Don't be tricked by this savory treat!" Rosanna says. Candy corn candies are the cutest but if you're not into sugary sweets you can make "Candy Corn" inspired three-cheese pizza! Check out Rosanna's recipe over here at her site and watch how they make this scrumptious Halloween dish in the video below.

We found a cute Halloween pizza tutorial of Rosanna creating this pizza with her Dad and had to kind of stop ourselves from drooling all over the outcome. 

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