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Kitchen Whiz: Alternative Sweet Treats To Sink Your Teeth In This Halloween

Kitchen Whiz: Alternative Sweet Treats To Sink Your Teeth In This Halloween

For many, the norm has been to give out wrapped candies or chocolates during Halloween. They’re easy. They’re sweet. And kids love them.

But there are so many other options out there! Not that giving out candy is a bad thing, of course. If you’re feeling creative or are the type who simply wants to be different on October 31, check out our list of edible alternatives that you, your friends, and trick-or-treaters can enjoy instead!

1. Tetra Packs. Think of how dehydrated trick-or-treaters get after hours long of walking! Rather than add more sweets to their bags and baskets, do them a favor and quench their thirst with a chilled tetra pack. Milk or juice will do!   

2. Sorbetes. Another cold treat to consider? Sorbetes (dirty ice cream)! Rent out a cart on Halloween night and have trick-or-treaters choose their desired flavor/s. Just make sure there are enough cones, cups, and hotdog buns to go by.

3. Popcorn. Who says popcorn is only for movie marathons or school events? You can rent a stand online and hand out freshly popped kernels by the cup. If you have extra time on your hands, you can also whip up some Halloween popcorn balls using marshmallows, candy, and other ingredients!

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4. Caramel apples. Now here’s something on the (slightly) healthy side! To make this, all you need to do is place apples on a stick, melt enough caramel to form a sauce, dip the apples in it, and wait for the caramel to cool onto the fruit. Some like to make their apples #extra by placing as sprinkles, chopped nuts, or chocolate drizzle as additional toppings. Watch this clip to see you how make bite-sized versions of them!   

5.  Maya Kitchen spooky treats. In the mood for a Halloween baking spree? The guys at Maya Kitchen have come up with three ghoulish goodies that are sure to satisfy! Try their Halloween Molded Dark Chocolate Krispies that mixes dark chocolate with sweet, crunchy cereal. You could also prepare refrigerated sweet and sour Halloween Gummies and form them in different shapes and sizes. And when you’re done with those, why not whip up a batch of Halloween Purple Donuts made with ube and Maya Oven Toaster Butter Cake Mix? Check out for more treats and recipes.  

6. Hotdogs with marshmallows. If desserts aren’t your thing, there’s always food! Hotdogs are relatively easy to cook. Add a couple of marshmallows in between, and you’ve got yourself a classic Pinoy party fave!

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