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Maricar Reyes-Poon’s Chocoliquor Cakes Will Help You Build Tons of Sweet Memories

Maricar Reyes-Poon’s Chocoliquor Cakes Will Help You Build Tons of Sweet Memories

You’ll never go wrong with chocolate cake, whether for parties or as presents—as you select your next one, though, we suggest you shake things up and opt for a variety other than your usual. 100% sweetness is always a hit, but how about some chocolate cake with a dash of liquor? A must-try: Chocoliquor Cakes by Maricar, actress Maricar Reyes-Poon’s baby, which has become an instant favorite online and in bazaars.

“We had been developing our Chocoliquor cake since November last year. There are so many great chocolate cakes already, so we wanted ours to be different, yet still be considered a classic,” Maricar says. The lovely drama star is a self-confessed sweet tooth, and recalls baking cookies loaded with chocolate chips for her family and friends back when she was in high school. “Last year, Richard and I felt it was time to start a business together. It was a toss between going into Beef Mami or Chocolate Cake—and so the husband gave into the wife's sweet tooth. I was able to revisit my love for baking and desserts!”

Their peg for their chocolate cake? Maricar says it’s this mouthwatering scenario: “Biting into a piece of high quality chocolate, then having the tiniest sip of red wine, just to enhance the flavor of the chocolate!” We’ve tasted their masterpiece and true enough, they have come up with a delightful, gooey, luxe chocolate confection that’s perfect for the whole family, even your little ones (Maricar adds that the alcohol content is very little so it’s safe for kids).

Here are the many different ways you and everyone in your life can enjoy their delectable dessert creation, according to Maricar herself:

Alone with a good book on a cool evening, together with a glass of milk. “It’s the ultimate comfort food. This is how I like it best.”

A special gift for a loved one. “I see two lovers sharing one gold tin together, gazing into each other's eyes, and sipping their favorite wine.”

Paired with coffee during an intimate gathering of friends, while they talk about what matters most to them.”

In big family reunions, and there is joy and laughter all around. “The kids will try to hog all the cake to themselves and the grown-ups have to chase them to get a slice.”

“I want Chocoliquor cakes to help build warm, sweet, and enduring memories among the people who share it. I hope it enhances relationships between loved ones,” she adds.

Visit Chocoliquor Cakes by Maricar on Instagram and Facebook. Photographs courtesy of Maricar Reyes-Poon.


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