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In Focus: 5 Things To Watch Out For In The Thai Blockbuster Film 'Bad Genius'

In Focus: 5 Things To Watch Out For In The Thai Blockbuster Film 'Bad Genius'


By Crisyl Ursabia
Chalk Campus Correspondent 

Asia’s biggest international movie hit Bad Genius is finally hitting Philippine cinemas! Bad Genius is a Thai film inspired by true events about an exam-cheating business led by Lynn, a straight-A student. Lynn and her friends devised a plan to leak the STIC exam answers for their schoolmates from whom they collected millions of money. Whether their plan will work or not is something the viewers will be very excited to find out. 

This film has received critical and commercial success during their screenings in different film festivals around the globe. Bad Genius is the first Southeast Asian film that won Best Feature in the 16th New York Asian Film Festival. The film also won Best Film, Best Director, Best Asian Feature Film, and Best Innovative Feature Film at the Fantasia International Film Festival. On top of all that, it is hailed as the #1 highest grossing Asian film in Taiwan, Cambodia, Hong Kong, and Malaysia.

And as if the plot and these achievements aren't enough to convince you, here are a few more things to look forward to!


1. Relatability

The characters in the movie are not someone we’re not. Since the events and characters are based on a true story, they’re not too good to be true. At some point in our lives, we have been like them—selfish, greedy, and dishonest. But just like in the movie, this way of thinking comes with a lot of consequences, and we have to face it, not run from it.


2. Thrill and action

Aside from the mentioned awards above, Fantastic Fest just recently announced that Bad Genius won this year’s Best Thriller Feature. The movie isn’t just all about cheating. It has a lot of action-packed scenes that will make you cover your eyes and be on the edge of your seats.

3. The value of family and friends

The movie has its subtle but sincere way of reminding its viewers the value of family and friends. It may not be the primary lesson the film tries to send across, but you'll appreciate how the film incorporates the importance of honesty when we're dealing with our loved ones.

4. Life lessons

From the trailer, we saw how Lynn, Bank, Grace, and Pat tried to make a huge business out of the STIC exam through cheating. In hindsight, the movie teaches us that all forms of cheating are wrong and honesty is still the best policy. But there's more to the movie in terms of the life lessons it tries to impart to its audience. This is why the movie has garnered positive reviews not only from the student community but also from different award-giving bodies. 

5. The thrilling ending

We can't stress enough how you should brace yourself for the twist at the end of the film. It's unpredictable, unexpected, and very realistic. During the movie premiere, no one left to go to the comfort room in the whole duration of the movie. We were all glued to our seats waiting for what will happen next especially towards the end.

Don't miss this chance to watch Bad Genius! It will be shown in Philippine cinemas starting this October 18. For more info, you may visit or follow #BadGeniusMoviePH. Everyone is also encouraged to use the hashtag when posting on their social media accounts!


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