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The Six Fix: Korean Actors Who Are Totally Boyfriend Material

The Six Fix: Korean Actors Who Are Totally Boyfriend Material

It’s undeniable that almost all of the leading men in our fave K-dramas are boyfriend material, but let us not forget that the actors playing have a whole different personality from their characters. Nonetheless, this doesn’t make them far from being the boyfie of our dreams! So we listed down the top Korean actors who are definitely bring-home-to-our-parents material in our book:

 1.    Song Joong Ki 

Song Joong Ki is known for his well-mannered personality, something we all look for in a boyfriend! He graduated at Sungkyunkwan University with a degree in Business Administration and has received a ton of awards for his acting skills. It has been confirmed that the actor is engaged with his Descendants Of The Sun co-star, Song Hye Kyo. And based on their dating news, Song Joong Ki treats Song Hye Kyo like a queen, and he has been her strength during tough times. We’re hoping to catch a man who's as hubby material as him someday! 


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Lee Jong Suk 

Lee Jong Suk was a model before he became a leading actor and graduated at Konkuk University majoring in Professional Motion Pictures and Art. According to his best friend, Kim Woo Bin, the actor is a sensitive and warm person. He’s unpredictable yet so innocent and kind. He’s the kind of boyfriend that wouldn’t let you sleep mad at him. That's really all we need, right?


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3.    Park Bo Gum

Park Bo Gum is described by his colleagues as kind and polite and is popular for his honorable and positive personality. He can sing, play the piano, and was a part of the swimming varsity team during middle school. Because of his manliness, he was labeled as the Nation’s Son-In-Law, exhibiting the kind of guy every parent would want for their daughter. The Bo-gum Magic is definitely working on us!


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4.    Nam Joo Hyuk

If you fell in love with him in Weightlifiting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, then you will surely fall in love with him in real life! Nam Joo Hyuk said that he has a lot of similarities with his character, Jung Joon-hyung. His friends describe him as someone with a witty and open persona. He's the kind of boyfriend you would be with in the middle of the night at the rooftop, talking about each other’s life goals, while looking at the stars.

But Joo Hyuk is very private with his personal life, something we can all understand because of his recent breakup news with Weightlifting Fairy co-star, Lee Sung-Kyung. (A lot of fans don’t believe it, though!) Plus, he’s one of the tallest actors in the industry!


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5.    Lee Min Ho

Lee Min Ho is one of the leading actors that brought the K-drama craze in our country. Every character that he played were the prince charming of our fairy tales, and it was nice to know that his personality is close to these characters. Though he’s serving the military at the moment, his girlfriend, Bae Suzy, dished on some info about Lee Min Ho as a boyfriend. Because of their busy schedules, we’ve assumed that they don’t go on a date that much. But according to Suzy, they go at least once a month, and sometimes go on double dates with their couple friends. He’s the kind of boyfriend who doesn’t get mad easily because he doesn’t hold grudges. We just want to pinch his dimpled cheeks!


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6.    Ji Soo

We fell in love with Ji Soo because of his intense yet affectionate gaze, but what we love about him more is his fashion sense. He has this “boyfriend” look that will make girls swoon and guys jealous. While he’s busy with his acting and modeling career, Ji Soo is still a student in Digital Seoul Culture Arts University. He’s the kind of boyfriend that knows how to balance his prioties (just imagine being one of his priorities!) Plus, he loves dogs. What more can you ask for?


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These actors got the looks, talent, and personality for a boyfriend. So it’s not surprising that some of them are already taken, but here’s to us hoping to find guys like them!


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