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In Focus: What It's Like To Go To College Far From Home

In Focus: What It's Like To Go To College Far From Home


By Crisyl Ursabia 
Chalk Campus Correspondent

Choosing what course to study in college is probably one of the biggest decisions we’ve ever had. Often times, it is the deciding factor on what our professions will be in the future. But deciding where to study is equally an important decision. Whether you’re studying at a college or university far from home, or you’re planning to, this is what it feels like being away from where your heart is:


1. You’ll learn to be independent. You alone will have to take care of both major and minor decisions in your life. You have to decide on your choice of friends, what subjects you’ll take, what outfit to wear. You will also have to take care of everything—getting up early, fixing your bed, cleaning your room, and of course, the struggle of taking care of the laundry.


2. Food cravings are so real. In the beginning, you’ll be so excited to try all the restaurants and food stalls around your campus and tell everyone it’s much better than the ones you had back home. But there will also come a time when you will get so much used to the food that you’ll crave for homemade cuisine made with pure love.


3. Everyone is excited to see you. When you go home after a long time, your family and neighbors will probably look at you as if you’re a balikbayan. Prepare your non-stop chika as everyone is eager to listen to your stories and give you pieces of advice!


4. Adjustment is not that easy. When you enter college, you’ll be entering a whole new chapter in your life without the people who used to be by your side ever since. You’ll enter a much larger environment and deal with different kinds of people from all walks of life.


5. You’ll feel alone and lonely sometimes. This is inevitable especially when you’ve never been apart from home for long. Sometimes when you’re alone, you can’t help but feel lonely because you just miss everyone back home. You miss your family, your friends, your bedroom, and even your neighbor’s dogs.


6. Homesickness sucks. When you feel you miss everyone and everything back home, that’s when it kicks in: you’re homesick. But you know what sucks even more? Often times, you just have to deal with it because there’s no way you can go home. If only teleportation is possible, you’ll be there in an instant.


7.  It’s never the same with your family and friends back home. Who said it’s going to be as easy as one call away? Your family and friends also have their own lives and you can’t have the support system from them you’re accustomed to. You have to get used to looking at pictures of family dinners and high school reunions without you. 


It’s hard when you don’t get to see your family and high school friends everyday, and it’s even harder to start a new life without them by your side. But looking at the bright side, it’s a way for you to appreciate them more. It’s also a way for you to discover and explore a whole new world by yourself.


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Bannner Photography from Hai Phung on Unsplash, GIFs from Giphy




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