In Focus: Badass Barbie Is Your New Fave Vlogger Speaking Up On Bullying, Depression, And More!

In Focus: Badass Barbie Is Your New Fave Vlogger Speaking Up On Bullying, Depression, And More!

Once upon a time, you couldn't forcefully bend Barbie's knees without them making a funny sound or crinkling up from behind. She had unrealistically "perfect" vital stats that made it quite fun to dress her up. We often wondered if Barbie was actually "born" to wear heels!

There are so many nostalgic "millenial-esque" things we remember about playing with Barbie dolls. Some of us impulsively cut her hair only to realize after it wouldn't grow back or stuck her into foliage to pose in our grandmother's bonsai or orchid plants for make-believe reverie.  

1992 Barbie Commercial 

Stella, an 18 year-old Filipina college student currently based in Spain, reminisces about her elementary delight, "I adored Barbie's home collection! I was obsessed with how each 'room' or 'part of the house' had its own set of items, so intricately produced with details like pages between stacks of books, pitchers and matching cups, tea sets, toothbrushes... As a kid I loved being 'in control' over my dolls' routines and 'lives.'" 

As far as it goes, Barbie memories aren't just exclusive to girls either, men today still recall an encounter or two with Barbie as well. Cy, 37, a music producer now married with one little girl recalls, "I just remember being given a Ken doll...they gave my sister a Barbie para yata hindi ako kawawa na wala ako nakuhang pasalubong." Ron, 35, a LAX-MNL bound business dude put Barbie stuff to good use back then. He says, "No lie, I had her pink Ferrari for my action figures."

Barbie and her "crew" today have kind of been updated. They now come in an array of shapes and sizes. The girl dolls come in slim, petite, and curvy looks and Ken dolls come in broad and skinny versions, too. What some of you may not know just yet is today, beyond the depth of her plastic skin, Barbie herself has branched out and has already pursued an active life online as a YouTube vlogger.

So, Barbie online now actually has a surname, Team Matell has dubbed her "Barbie Roberts." Aside from having her own show with Ken on Netflix, for over two years now Barbie has officially grown into her new role as an online vlogger with her own channel. She appears with her sisters Skipper and Chelsea, beau Ken, and her other friends on the channel.

Barbie's channel now boasts a whopping over 2.6 million followers who even actively engage with her in the comments making requests for her next videos. Say, fellow collaborations with Ken, Chelsea, or Skipper and even tutorials she can do for them.  

Unicorn Hair tutorial with Chelsea
Barbie's "Ken Does My Makeup" Challenge

What makes Barbie even more of a hit with her viewers is when it comes to feelings and personal stuff Barbie tells it like it is. She even engages with her viewers on touchy subjects like bullying or "roasting humor" as she mentioned it and even gave a light discourse on depression or "feeling blue." How would Barbie talk about bullying or even feeling sad?  Watch below to find out.

Barbie disapproves of that "Only Joking" thing...
Barbie lets people feeling blue know that they're not alone. 

We've watched these videos ourselves and after viewing a few, couldn't help but watch several more! What a way to give one of the world's favorite female "action figure" (and least favorite for some) a heart and personality!

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